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Orix Buffaloes News and Notes: February 13, 2013

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Satoshi Komatsu is scheduled to pitch in an intra-squad game on the 14th.

Source: Sports Hochi 2/13/2013


Masafumi Hirai would like to try for his second Comeback Player of the Year Award.  He told reporters on Tuesday that he has already thrown over 1,000 pitches in the bullpen during spring camp so far this year.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/13/2013

According to Sponichi, Hirai is not interested in the Comeback Player of the Year Award -- his goal for 2013 is to help Orix win a championship.

Source: Sponichi 2/13/2013


Mitsutaka Goto started off at Ni-gun camp because of concerns with his left knee.  He was called up to Ichi-gun today and will get a chance to play in intra-squad games on the 14th and 15th.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/13/2013


Samurai Japan candidate Yoshio Itoi closed out his workouts with the team today.  He will head to Miyazaki on Thursday for WBC mini-camp.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/13/2013

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Orix Buffaloes: February 15, 2012

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Batting Practice Bullpen Sessions / Batting Practice


  • Mitsutaka Goto took fifty-four swings during batting practice and hit two over the fence.  This was the first time Goto took outdoor batting practice since the start of spring camp. (Sports Hochi)


  • Satoshi Komatsu threw fifty-eight pitches in the bullpen. (Sponichi)


A portion of practices (over an hour) were shutoff to the media today as the team went over signs.


Satoshi Komatsu joined the Ichi-gun team for practices today and tossed a bullpen session.


Daily Sports reports that Akinobu Okada likes what Shunta brings to the table (defense, speed, arm) and plans to give him the best chance at winning the starting job in right.  Hisao Arakane, Shogo Akada, Masato Fukae, and 8th round draft pick Takayoshi Kawabata are amongst the other possible candidates.

So far, Shunta is 4-for-10 with four RBI, batting out of the lead-off spot, over three practice games.

Takahiro Okada and Tomotaka Sakaguchi will most likely start in left and center, respectively.


The media learned on Tuesday that the Buffaloes are planning to use the Miyakojima facilities for spring camp in 2013.

Beginning in 2010, Okada complained about the conditions at the facilities and dropped hints that he would get the organization to consider finding a new location.  Team officials visited the facilities in December 2011 and found them satisfactory after Miyakojima spent about 30M yen in improvements.

====== UPDATE 2/16 @ 12:10am

Okada spent about forty-five minutes on Wednesday giving 2nd round draft pick Takuya Shimada pointers on hitting.  This was apparently the first time Okada worked directly with a first year player since becoming manager of the Buffaloes.

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Orix Buffaloes Spring Camp News and Notes: February 18, 2011

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This post will be updated throughout the day.


The Buffaloes have the day off today (a portion of players are heading out to Naha, Okinawa today for the start of a string of practice games between 2/19 and 2/22).

===== 2/18 @ 10:01pm

Akinobu Okada and a handful of players arrived at Naha airport today.

===== 2/18 @ 4:54pm

Chan Ho Park worked out on the team's day off today (he rejoined the team yesterday).  After playing some catch, he spent some time doing some trunk strengthening exercises.

FYI: it seems the family issue that required Park to leave the team on the 16th had to do with his wife's health.


The injury bug has reared it's ugly head.  Satoshi Komatsu suffered a sprained right big toe yesterday and will now spend time at Ni-gun camp.

That's on top of: Mike Hessman getting hit by a pitch in the head; Alfredo Figaro hurting his right hamstringChihiro Kaneko requiring elbow surgery; and Hirotoshi Kitagawa fracturing his fibula.

That's a lot of bad news in a very short period of time.

Incidentally, So Taguchi will be taking Hessman's spot on the group of players heading out to Naha, Okinawa.

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Akinobu Okada works with Satoshi Komatsu

by on Oct.14, 2010 @ 3:49 pm, under NPB
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Satoshi Komatsu tossed a bullpen session on Wednesday during Fall practice.  Akinobu Okada dropped in during the session and worked closely with Komatsu, giving him suggestions on how to improve his mechanics.  After the bullpen session, Okada took Komatsu out to the outfield and had him work on two exercises: the first involved him lay on his back and throwing a ball up into the air to work in his wrist snap; the second had his sitting and throwing a ball against the outfield wall.

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Satoshi Komatsu has a stress fracture in his right rib cage

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Satoshi Komatsu (ORI) went to the hospital yesterday and was diagnosed with a stress fracture in his right rib cage.  Komatsu will be checked out again next week and it seems he may miss the rest of the season.

Komatsu was taken off the active roster on the 28th after he started feeling pain in his right rib cage area.

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