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[8/16/2014] Seibu Lions, Orix Buffaloes

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Seibu Lions

  • Tomoya Mori became the first rookie out of high school to hit home runs in consecutive games since Shohei Otani in 2013 (July 10 and 14); the first rookie out of high school to hit home runs in consecutive trips to the plate since Hideki Matsui in 1993 (August 31); and the first rookie out of high school in the Pacific League to hit home runs in consecutive trips to the plate since Kazuhiro Kiyohara in 1986 (twice, July 13 and September 6).  The consecutive home runs were the first and second of Mori's career.  The last rookie out of high school to record their first two home runs in consecutive trips to the plate was Kohei Shimamoto in 1971 (October 9). Source: Nikkan Sports 8/16/2014 ... Mori hit another home run on Saturday and became the second rookie out of high school to hit home runs in three consecutive games, first since Takumi Ejima in 1968. Source: Daily Sports 8/16/2014, Nikkan Sports 8/16/2014, Sponichi 8/16/2014 ... Mori played in a Ni-gun practice game against Tohoku Gakuin University (starting catcher, batted third, went 0-for-2: G4, BB-R, F8) on Saturday before his pinch-hit at bat against Nippon Ham. Source: Sports Hochi 8/16/2014, Sanspo 8/16/2014
  • Ginjiro Sumitani was using Mori's bat when he hit a home run in the 8th inning of Friday's game against the Nippon Ham Fighters.  Sumitani generally uses a bat that weighs about 910 grams.  Mori's bat is about thirty grams lighter. Source: Sponichi 8/16/2014
  • The Lions' twelve-inning game against the Fighters at Seibu Dome on Saturday lasted five hours and forty-eight minutes and became the second-longest game in Pacific League history.  The longest Pacific League game, at six hours and one minute, took place between Softbank and Nippon Ham on September 4, 2013. Source: Sponichi 8/16/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Yoshihisa Hirano tied the franchise record for saves in a season with his thirty-third on Saturday.  Daisuke Kato recorded thirty-three saves in 2008.  Mamoru Kishida tied the record in 2011. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/16/2014
  • Dan Runzler is slated to pitch in Sunday's Ni-gun game against Hanshin at Sato Yakuhin Stadium because Saturday's game was rained out. Source: Sanspo 8/16/2014
  • Chihiro Kaneko is slated to earn his domestic FA option on the 24th. Source: Daily Sports 8/16/2014

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 8 – Saitama Seibu Lions 8 (August 16, 2014)

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Nippon Ham Fighters vs Seibu Lions @ Seibu Dome - 17:00
Starters: Yoshikawa, Mitsuo (HAM) 1-4, 5.44 - Reynolds, Greg (SEI) 3-5, 4.47

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 R H E
Nippon Ham 0 0 0 0 1 4 0 1 1 1 0 0 8 17 3
Seibu 0 0 0 0 6 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 8 11 1

Attendance: 28374 | Time: 5h48m | Nippon Ham leads series, 9-5-1

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[8/15/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Seibu Lions, Softbank Hawks, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Rakuten Eagles

  • Takahiro Norimoto picked up his tenth victory of the season on Friday and became the first pitcher in franchise history to win at least ten games in their first two seasons. Source: Sponichi 8/15/2014 ... Norimoto also tied Masahiro Tanaka's franchise record for most shutouts in a season with his sixth. Source: Daily Sports 8/15/2014

Seibu Lions

  • Tomoya Mori joined Akira Ogi (August 15, 1954) and Masahiro Yanagida (July 30, 1967) as the only players out of high school in franchise history to record a pinch-hit home run in their first year.  Mori is the first player out of high school to notch his first career home run in his first year with a pinch-hit home run since Hiroyasu Hayashi on June 29, 1990. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/15/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Nobuhiko Matsunaka recorded a walk-off on a bases loaded walk on Thursday.  It was the twelfth walk-off of his career, first since July 10, 2009, and his first walk-off walk since August 3, 1999.  The last player over forty to record a walk-off was Norihiro Nakamura on August 20, 2013 and the last player over forty in franchise history was Hiromitsu Kadota on August 8, 1991. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/15/2014, Sports Hochi 8/15/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Atsunori Inaba has hit at least one home run in twenty consecutive seasons.  He joined Tomoaki Kanemoto (1993-2012) as the only players out of college to record a home run in twenty consecutive seasons.  Inaba is the only one to accomplish the feat beginning with his first year in 1995. Source: Daily Sports 8/15/2014Nikkan Sports 8/15/2014 ... At forty-two years and zero months, Inaba joined Yoshiyuki Iwamoto, Yasunori Oshima, and Hiromitsu Ochiai as the only players in franchise history to hit home runs after turning forty-two. Source: Sponichi 8/15/2014, Sanspo 8/15/2014
  • Former Nippon Ham Fighter Tomochika Tsuboi has decided to retire.  He announced his decision on his blog.  He told fans that he still loved the game, but had to come to grips with reality: he was in decline and no team wanted him.  Tsuboi is planning to hold a press conference in Japan on the 18th. Source: Sponichi 8/15/2014, Daily Sports 8/15/2014, Nikkan Sports 8/15/2014

[8/14/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Seibu Lions, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Rakuten Eagles

  • Yuki Matsui recorded his second career victory on Wednesday against the Softbank Hawks.  The win stopped the Hawks from extending their winning streak to ten games.  Masahiro Tanaka picked up his second career victory under similar circumstances on May 2, 2007.  Like Matsui, he stopped the Hawks from winning their tenth straight game.  Matsui has not allowed a home run in his first 62.2 innings of work.  Matsui is the only player in either league that has not allowed a home run in sixty or more innings this year.  He is also the first rookie out of high school to avoid the long ball in their first sixty or more innings since Tsuneo Horiuchi went 70.1 innings without allowing a home run in 1966. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/14/2014 ... Matsui joined Masahiro Tanaka (2007) and Yoshinao Kamata (2012) as the only rookie pitchers out of high school in franchise history to record victories as starters in their first years. Source: Sanspo 8/14/2014 ... Matsui's victory snapped a six-game losing streak.  At eighteen years and nine months, he became the youngest pitcher in franchise history to stop a losing streak of six or more games.  The previous record of twenty years and seven months was set by Masahiro Tanaka on June 11, 2009 (also stopped a six-game losing streak).  He also became the only pitcher in the NPB this season to strike out Softbank's Yuya Hasegawa, Akira Nakamura, Seiichi Uchikawa, Dae-Ho Lee, and Yuki Yanagita in the same game. Source: Sponichi 8/14/2014

Seibu Lions

  • Tomoya Mori became the first rookie out of high school to hit a home run in his first year since Ginjiro Sumitani in 2006 on Thursday.  At nineteen years and zero months, he also became the youngest rookie to record a pinch-hit home run.  The previous record of nineteen years and two months was set by Masahiro Yanagida on July 30, 1967. Source: Sanspo 8/14/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Hiroshi Urano became the first rookie pitcher in franchise history to record a complete game victory in his first year on Wednesday since Mitsuo Yoshikawa in 2007. Source: Sponichi 8/14/2014
  • Shohei Otani had a chance to sit down and chat with soccer player Shinji Ono at Miyanosawa Shiroi Koibito Park for about thirty minutes on Thursday. Source: Daily Sports 8/14/2014, Sports Hochi 8/14/2014

[8/12/2014] Injury Report: Ryuji Ichioka (Hiroshima), Yuji Kaneko (Seibu)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Leslie Anderson (left elbow) resumed batting practice at Giants Stadium on Tuesday.  He used only his right hand because he still has lingering pain in his left elbow. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/12/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Kosuke Kato was taken off the active roster on Tuesday with a strained back. Source: Daily Sports 8/12/2014
  • Yamato (left side) could play in his first Ni-gun rehab game on the 19th against Softbank.  If things go well, he could make it back to the active roster in time for the Yomiuri series that begins on the 26th. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/12/2014
  • Daiki Enokida (left shoulder) started playing catch on Monday. Source: Sanspo 8/12/2014
  • Ryoma Matsuda (right elbow) could be ready to return to the active roster some time before the end of the month. Source: Sanspo 8/12/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Ryuji Ichioka was examined at a hospital on Tuesday and diagnosed with inflammation in his right shoulder.  Hiroshima will know more about Ichioka's condition after a follow-up exam next week. Source: Daily Sports 8/12/2014

Seibu Lions

  • Yuji Kaneko suffered a laceration on his left index finger while covering second base on a stolen base attempt in the 6th inning of Tuesday's game against the Orix Buffaloes.  He was taken to a hospital in Saitama for treatment. Source: Sponichi 8/12/2014

[8/12/2014] Seibu Lions, Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Seibu Lions

  • Ginjiro Sumitani should be able to earn his domestic FA option some time this week. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/12/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Toru Hosokawa could re-earn his FA option as early as the 29th.  The Hawks are interested in keeping him on board. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/12/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Yoshihisa Hirano has thirty-two saves so far this year.  The franchise record of thirty-three was set by Daisuke Kato in 2008.  The Pacific League record of thirty-nine was set by Micheal Nakamura in 2006.  The NPB record of forty-six was set by Hitoki Iwase in 2005 and Kyuji Fujikawa in 2007. Source: Sports Hochi 8/12/2014
  • Possible starters for the Softbank series that begins on the 15th: Chihiro Kaneko, Yuki Nishi, and Kazumasa Yoshida. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/12/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Yuki Saito joined the Ichi-gun team for workouts on Tuesday.  He is slated to start Thursday's game against the Chiba Lotte Marines at Sapporo Dome. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/12/2014