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[1/26/2015] 2015 NPB Team Slogans

by on Jan.26, 2015 @ 5:27 pm, under NPB
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Team Phrase Date
Hiroshima Carp 常昇魂 (じょうしょうだましい) Red Rising 11/23/2014 (official announcement)
Chunichi Dragons 強竜再燃 (きょうりゅうさいねん) stand hard 12/12/2014 (official announcement)
Yomiuri Giants Show The Spirit~新成 (しんせい) 12/19/2014 (official announcement)
Rakuten Eagles 一致団結 (いっちだんけつ) Smart & Spirit 2015 01/21/2015 (official announcement)
Hanshin Tigers Go for the Top as One 01/09/2015 (official announcement)
Seibu Lions ガチ!マジ!LIONS 2015 12/26/2014 (official announcement)
Chiba Lotte Marines 翔破 (しょうは) 熱く! 勇ましく!! 泥臭く!!! 12/31/2014 (official announcement)
Yokohama Bay Stars 導 (みちびく) 01/05/2015 (official announcement)
Softbank Hawks 熱男(アツオ) 01/16/2015 (official announcement)
Orix Buffaloes 輝氣(かがやき)2015 輝こう、一緒に。 01/18/2015 (official announcement)
Yakult Swallows つばめ改革(かいかく) 01/20/2015 (official announcement)
Nippon Ham Fighters EZOlution 01/26/2014 (official announcement) 


NPB Slogan - この1球に未来を懸けて Source: official announcement

Japan Amateur Baseball Association - 燃えろ社会人野球!~手に汗握る瞬間・感動をあなたのもとへ~ - Source: Nikkan Sports 1/10/2015

[1/24/2014] 2014 NPB Team Slogans

by on Jan.24, 2014 @ 8:15 pm, under NPB

Team Slogan Date
Hiroshima Carp 赤道直火 Red All The Way ~赤く、熱く、真直ぐに。~ 11/23/2013
Seibu Lions 全力!ライオンズ ~攻めも、守りも、応援も。 12/27/2013
Yomiuri Giants Show The Spirit~雄志 12/17/2013
Chiba Lotte Marines 翔破 ~頂点へ、今年こそ。~ 01/01/2014
Rakuten Eagles Smart & Spirit 2014 HEAT UP!! 01/22/2014
Yokohama Bay Stars 01/07/2014
Hanshin Tigers 「Go For The Top 熱くなれ!! 12/24/2013
Orix Buffaloes 進撃 2014 さらに、ひとつになろう 01/19/2014
Yakult Swallows 這い上がれSPIRIT OF CHALLENGE 01/22/2014
Nippon Ham 前進せよ-トゥミコロクル- 01/24/2014
Softbank 俺がやる。 12/17/2013
Chunichi Start it Again 強竜再燃 01/17/2014


NBP - NEW PLAY BALL!  あたらしい球史をつくる。 - official announcement

Japan Amateur Baseball Association - 熱きプレーで未来を創る~感動で繋がるJABAと地域との絆~ - Nikkan Sports 1/11/2014

2013 NPB Team Slogans

by on Mar.25, 2013 @ 9:49 pm, under NPB

Team Slogan Announcement
Hiroshima Carp 剣砥挑来 RALLYING TO ATTACK! link
Seibu Lions 骨太! ライオンズイズム2013 link
Yomiuri Giants Show The Spirit~躍進 link
Chiba Lotte Marines 翔破~頂点を目指して~ link
Rakuten Eagles Smart & Spirit 2013 HEAT! link
Yokohama Bay Stars link
Hanshin Tigers Go For The Top 熱くなれ!! link
Orix Buffaloes 速α(スピード・アルファ)2013 link
Yakult Swallows 心をひとつに ALL FOR WIN link
Nippon Ham 純 -ひたむきに link
Softbank 超!ガツガツ行こう! link
Chunichi ジョイナス ファンと共に  
NPB Play Fasters link
Central League セが制す ! link

2012 NPB Team Slogans

by on Jan.21, 2012 @ 10:39 pm, under NPB

A list of team slogans for the 2012 season.

(I'll continue to update this post as announcements come through.)

Club Slogan Official Link
Hiroshima Carp Ground Breakers: 破天荒, 前人未踏 11/23/2011
Hanshin Tigers Go for the top 熱くなれ! 12/3/2011
Chunichi Dragons Join us ファンと共に 12/21/2011
Seibu Lions 出しきれ!ライオンズ 12/22/2011
Yokohama Bay Stars 熱いぜ!横浜DeNA 1/5/2012
Chiba Lotte Marines 和のもとともに闘おう! 1/10/2012
Orix Buffaloes 新・黄金時代 ~2012年、頂点へ~ 1/11/2012
Rakuten Eagles Smart&Spirit 2012 ともに、前へ。 1/21/2012
Yakult Swallows POWER OF UNITY ~心をひとつに~ 1/24/2012
Nippon Ham Fighters 9+ (NinePlus) 1/26/2012
Softbank Hawks V V(ブイ ブイ) 1/27/2012
NPB 心をつなぐこのプレー 3/22/2012

NPB announces 2011 slogan; 2011 Rookie Seminar

by on Feb.28, 2011 @ 5:48 pm, under NPB

The NPB announced their 2011 slogan today:

覚悟 ~なぜ、あなたはここにいるのか~

Be Prepared: Why are you here?

There's a pretty detailed explanation as to why this slogan was selected, but I don't really have the time to get into it right now.  If you're interested, and can read Japanese, you can get the rundown at the official site.


102 rookies attended the 2011 Rookie Seminar that took place in Tokyo today -- 68 players from the 70-man rosters, 29 Ikusei players, and 5 NPB umps.

2011 NPB Team Slogans

by on Nov.23, 2010 @ 8:42 pm, under NPB

A list of team slogans for the 2011 season.  I've also provide links to the official statements posted by the clubs.

(I'll continue to update this post as announcements come through.)

Club Slogan Official Link
Hanshin Tigers Focus on this play, this moment!! 11/19/2010
Hiroshima Carp Strikin' Back!! 11/23/2010
Seibu Lions No Limit! 2011 勝利への執念 12/28/2010
Yomiuri Giants Show the Spirit
結束 (Kessoku = Unity)
1/1/2011 (Nikkan)
Orix Buffaloes 新・黄金時代へ 1/17/2011 (Nikkan)
Chiba Lotte Marines 和 2011 1/19/2011
Rakuten Eagles Smart&Spirit2011 真っすぐ 1/21/2011
Yakult Swallows POWER OF UNITY ~心をひとつに~ 1/25/2011
Softbank Hawks 1/26/2011
Nippon Ham Fighters ONE_1 1/26/2011
NPB Slogan 覚悟 2/28/2011 Sanspo

2010 NPB Team Slogans

by on Jan.05, 2010 @ 7:21 pm, under NPB

I'll try to keep this post updated with 2010 slogans for each team.

(I also do realize that Tatsunori Hara mentioned that he wanted to use the same team slogan as last season, but it has not been officially posted by the Giants as of yet.)

2010 Slogans

Team Slogan Date
Softbank Hawks 今年はやらんといかんばい! 1/30/2010
Yakult Swallows JUST PLAY TO WIN 1/21/2010
Yokohama Bay Stars フルシーズンフルパワー、アナライジングベースボール 1/20/2010
Rakuten Eagles Smart & Spirit 2010 Eagle Fire! 1/18/2010
Orix Buffaloes Watch!~気になるチームへ~ 1/15/2010
Yomiuri Giants Show the Spirit~原点~ 1/14/2010
Chiba Lotte Marines 1/12/2010
Nippon Ham Fighters Feel it! 1/5/2010
Seibu Lions No Limit! 2010 逆襲の獅子 1/5/2010

Not really a team slogan, but the NPB announced on 3/11 that their slogan for their Green Baseball Project was going to be LET’S省TIME! It's actually a play on words as the kanji character "省" is read sho, or show. In Japanese, the kanji character is actually from the word 省エネルギー, which means energy conservation.

The official NPB slogan was announced on 3/16 as 「ここに、世界一がある。」