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[3/12/2014] Injury Updates: Mauro Gomez (HAN), Nobutaka Imamura (YOM), Aarom Baldiris (YOK)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Nobutaka Imamura threw forty-three pitches in the bullpen on Tuesday.  He told reporters he no longer had concerns about his left shoulder.  Source: Tokyo Sports 3/12/2014 ... Imamura pitched an inning during a Kyoiku League game against Rakuten on Wednesday.  He retired the side in order and topped out at 145km/h.  Source: Nikkan Sports 3/12/2014
  • Tetsuya Yamaguchi (left shoulder) is slated to rejoin the Ichi-gun team on the 15th, in time for an exhibition game against Softbank at YafuOku Dome.  Source: Sanspo 3/12/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Takashi Toritani and Takahiro Arai did not play in Wednesday's exhibition game against Hiroshima because of back tightness.  Their conditions are not considered serious.  Source: Sponichi 3/12/2014
  • Mauro Gomez (right knee) took batting practice at Koshien Stadium for the first time on Wednesday.  He swung the bat fifty-eight times and hit four over the fence.  The Ichi-gun coaches had a chance to watch the session.  Source: Nikkan Sports 3/12/2014 ... Gomez could play in an exhibition game on the 15th against Yokohama, depending on how he does during a batting practice scrimmage on the 14th.  Source: Sponichi 3/12/2014 ... Gomez ran the bases with cleats for the first time during practices at Naruohama on Tuesday.  Source: Sanspo 3/12/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Aarom Baldiris did not participate in general workouts at Hotto Motto Field Kobe on Wednesday because of tightness in his lower back.  He will sit Thursday's game against Yakult and is expected to return to the line-up on Saturday against Hanshin.  Source: Sponichi 3/12/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • The Buffaloes are not planning to take Yoshio Itoi and Wily Mo Pena (right sides) on their road trip to the Kanto and Nagoya region between the 14th and 19th.  Teppei (let thigh) will rejoin the team on the 18th for the Chunichi game at Nagoya Dome.  Source: Daily Sports 3/12/2014
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[3/6/2014] Injury Updates: Takuya Asao (CHU), Yoshinao Kamata (RAK)

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Hanshin Tigers

Mauro Gomez ran for about ten minutes at Koshien on Thursday.  He told reporters he had no difficulty running and that he felt good.  Assistant Batting Coach Thomas O'Malley threw Gomez some pitches during indoor batting practice.  Source: Daily Sports 3/6/2014


Takahiro Arai jammed his right middle finger during pre-game practices on Wednesday.  Source: Sanspo 3/6/2014

Chunichi Dragons

The Dragons announced on Thursday that Takuya Asao was diagnosed with a medial collateral ligament injury in his right elbow.  He was examined at a hospital in Nagoya on Wednesday.  He visited a different hospital on Thursday for a re-examination.  There is no timetable on his recovery.  He will be re-evaluated in two weeks.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/6/2014Daily Sports 3/6/2014, Nikkan Sports 3/6/2014

Yakult Swallows

Akinori Iwamura took a batted ball off his left calf during fielding practice on the 3rd.  He had a hard time walking after the incident, but got treatment and was able to play in Wednesday's game against Orix, where he hit a two-run home run.  Source: Sponichi 3/6/2014

Rakuten Eagles

Yoshinao Kamata had reconstructive surgery on the medial collateral ligament in his right elbow at a hospital in Tatebayashi, Gunma.  He will be discharged on the 10th, and will require about a year for a full recovery.  Kamata started complaining of pain in his elbow during spring camp in late-February.

Source: Sports Hochi 3/6/2014

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[2/5/2014] Hanshin Tigers New and Notes

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Name Date Swings Notes
Tsuyoshi Nishioka 2/5 74 Thirteen over the fence.  Sponichi 2/5/2014
Matt Murton 2/4 84 Eleven over the fence.  Sponichi 2/5/2014
Masahiro Nakatani 2/4 24 Six over the fence.  Sanspo 2/5/2014
Takahiro Arai 2/4 67 Two over the fence.  Sanspo 2/5/2014
Tsuyoshi Nishioka 2/3 48 Four over the fence.  Sponichi 2/5/2014
Name Type Date NP Notes
Shintaro Fujinami Bullpen 2/5 49 Squatting catcher; including breaking balls; third session since the start of camp.  Nikkan Sports 2/5/2014
Randy Messenger Bullpen 2/4 60 Sanspo 2/5/2014
Kazuhito Futagami Bullpen 2/4 101 Sanspo 2/5/2014


Wednesday was the end of the first block of camp.


Takashi Toritani and Akihito Fujii missed workouts on Wednesday with fevers.  Toritani did participate in early morning training, but ended up going to the hospital for an examination because he felt sick.  Both players apparently tested positive for influenza A.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/5/2014, Sponichi 2/5/2014


Tomoyuki Kubota returned to Osaka on Tuesday because of pain in his right elbow.  He will be examined by the team doctor.  No word on when he might be able to rejoin the team.

Kubota was having problems with his elbow since the start of camp and had not tossed a bullpen session.  He was also unable to increase distances when playing catch.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/5/2014


Matt Murton gave the crowd something to cheer about when he ran from first to third and slid headfirst into bag during base-running practices on Tuesday.

Source: Sponichi 2/5/2014


Takahiro Arai took extra fielding practice on Tuesday with help from INF/Base-running Coach Nobuhiro Takashiro.  He fielded about 200 baseballs.

Source: Sanspo 2/5/2014


The Tigers understand why Mauro Gomez wants to be with his family right now, but are also unsure how things should proceed.  Workouts and practices will move up to the next level during the second block of camp.  If he misses parts or all of the second block, he will have a lot to catch-up on and rushing him through the process might cause problems down the road.  The Tigers are not trying to think too far ahead and will wait to make a final decision on what to do until they have had a chance to see where Gomez is in his training.

Source: Sponichi 2/5/2014


Randy Messenger's nickname for Seung Hwan Oh is Machine.  Reason: because he can run a lot, trains hard, and is durable.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/5/2014, Sponichi 2/5/2014, Tokyo Sports 2/5/2014


Development Coach Masayuki Kakefu told reporters on Wednesday that he was able to watch footage of Ichi-gun batting practice on Tuesday night.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/5/2014

Kakefu had players do rapid fire-swings and deep squat swings during soft-toss batting practice on Tuesday.

Rapid-Fire Swings - swing the bat twenty times at baseballs tossed at a pace of three balls every two seconds

Deep-Squat Swings - twenty swings at soft-toss baseballs with feet firmly planted and knees bent deep

Each player did five sets of each for a total 200 swings.

Source: Sports Hochi 2/6/2014


Assistant Batting Coach Thomas O'Malley likes to keep things fresh and sometimes sets up mini games with hitters during batting practice -- if the hitter drives in three runs on could-be hits, the hitter wins; if the pitcher records three outs, the pitcher wins.

Source: ZakZak 2/5/2014


Samurai Japan Manager Hiroki Kokubo visited Ginoza camp on Tuesday.

Source: Sponichi 2/5/2014

NPB Commissioner Katsuhiko Kumazaki visited Ginoza camp on Wednesday.

Source: Daily Sports 2/5/2014

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[1/25/2014] Hanshin Tigers News and Notes

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Takahiro Arai will take his first baseman's mitt and third baseman's glove to spring camp.  He wants to secure an everyday job and his sights are set on first base.  He does not consider being a bat off the bench an option.

Source: Daily Sports 1/25/2014


After leaving Guam on the 22nd, Seung Hwan Oh returned to Korea, swung by Osaka, and then arrived at Okinawa on Friday.  He told reporters he wanted to build good rapport with his new teammates through communication.  He said he was more than happy to treat younger players to meals and was willing to talk about anything.  He also said he hoped older players would do the same for him.

Source: Daily Sports 1/25/2014, Sponichi 1/25/2014, Nikkan Sports 1/25/2014

Oh worked out at Ginoza Stadium in Okinawa on Saturday.  He had a chance to meet Kentaro Sekimoto and Atsushi Nomi.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/25/2014


Baseball equipment manufacturer Zett is preparing two gloves for Shintaro Fujinami: one red and one black.  They have not made any significant changes over the model he used last season.  Zett suggested the addition of a red glove based on what Fujinami used when he helped his high school win the spring and summer Koshien Tournaments in 2012 -- he used a black glove in the spring and a red glove in the summer.  Fujinami used the same two colors last season, but went from red in the spring to black in the summer.

Source: Sponichi 1/25/2014


2013 draft class training camp ended at Naruohama on Saturday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/25/2014


1st round draft pick Yuta Iwasada returned to regular workouts on Friday for the first time in nine days.  He was out six days with a fever, beginning on the 16th.  He was able to resume basic workouts indoors on the 22nd.  He moved outdoors on the 23rd and was back to regular workouts on Friday.  Coaches assigned him to Ni-gun spring camp during a staff meeting on the 23rd because they did not want to rush him.

Iwasada is hoping to toss one or two bullpen session before the start of spring camp.  If he is feeling ready, he could pitch in a practice game at Ni-gun spring camp against Seibu on February 11.  If he does well, he might be moved up to Ichi-gun camp.

Source: Sanspo 1/25/2014, Nikkan Sports 1/25/2014


Daiki Enokida wore a Team Uehara t-shirt during workouts at Naruohama on Friday.

Source: Sanspo 1/25/2014


Yamato signed with Kubota Undoguten (Kubota Slugger).  He will be using a lighter glove this season with a snugger fit.

Source: Daily Sports 1/25/2014


There will be early morning practices during Ni-gun spring camp.  Players will apparently begin their day by swinging the bat at 6:30am.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/25/2014

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[12/7/2013] Hanshin Tigers News and Notes

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Tsuyoshi Nishioka will begin his workouts in Kansai on January 7.  He will then head to Hawaii for additional training during the second-half of the month.

Source: Daily Sports 12/7/2013


Daiki Enokida was at ninety-one kilograms during spring camp and weighed eighty-eight to eighty-nine during the regular season.  He is now down to about eight-five to eighty-six kilograms.  He would like to maintain that weight to help take some of the strain of his legs.  He also plans to do more long-distance running.

Source: Sanspo 12/7/2013


Takeshi Hidaka wants to improve his English and learn how to speak Korean.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/7/2013

Atsushi Fujii is planning to study Korean.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/7/2013


Takahiro Arai is going to try a longer bat next season, from this year's 33.75 inches (85.73 centimeters) to 34.5 inches (87.63 centimeters).  The bat will be weighted toward the barrel.

Arai has used similar bats during practices, but never during regular season games.  Hiromitsu Ochiai was one of the last players to use a bat that was as long as 34.5 inches.

Source: Daily Sports 12/7/2013, Sanspo 12/7/2013


The Tigers have received offers for broadcast rights from a number of TV stations in Korea.  The organization is also discussing the possibility of setting travel packages from Korea that include tickets to the game.

Source: Sanspo 12/7/2013, Sanspo 12/7/2013

Seung Hwan Oh is apparently a fan of Vita Coco Coconut Water.

Source: Tokyo Sports 12/7/2013


The Tigers want to take advantage of Masayuki Kakefu's popularity and are planning to sell some merchandise with his name on it.  Nothing specific has been decided, but possibilities include a retro number thirty-one uniform and t-shirts.  He might even get a lunch box.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/7/2013

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[9/23/2013] Injury Updates: K. Maeda (HIR), T. Arai (HAN), Kikuchi (SEI)

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Hiroshima Carp

Kenta Maeda (tonsillitis) got the day off on Sunday and is feeling better.  As of now, he is still set to make his next start as planned: on the 26th vs Chunichi at Nagoya Dome on four day of rest.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/23/2013

Sponichi adds that the start could depend on where the team is in the standings.

"He will prepare [for the start], the other question is the standings.  I would like to set a start date that would put less strain on him, but we need to secure third or better," Kenjiro Nomura said.

Source: Sponichi 9/23/2013

Maeda returned to workouts todeay.

Source: Sanspo 9/23/2013

Hanshin Tigers

Takahiro Arai may have been left out of the starting line-up on Sunday because of tightness in his right leg.  He did make it into the game as a defensive replacement at first in the top of the 9th.

Arai did not appear on the field during pre-game practices and spent his time working out indoors.  He was prepared to make an appearance as a pinch-hitter in the 7th, but never got the opportunity.

Yutaka Wada mentioned nothing about the leg and said to reporters, "He started the game on the bench because we wanted to try some things out."

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/23/2013

T. Arai did not play in today's game against the Yakult Swallows.

Seibu Lions

Yusei Kikuchi (left shoulder) could be added to the active roster in time for the Rakuten series that begins on the 24th at Seibu Dome.  If he is called up, it will not be as a starter.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/23/2013

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[6/8/2013] Hanshin Tigers: Takahiro Arai drives in 1,000th career RBI

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Takahiro Arai became the thirty-ninth player in NPB history to drive in 1,000 RBIs in today's game against the Chiba Lotte Marines -- he had been stuck on 999 RBIs since May 26 and reached the milestone by blasting a two-run homer off Yoshihisa Naruse in the 4th inning.  He also joined Fumio Fujimura, Kazuhiro Yamauchi, Masayuki Kakefu, and Tomoaki Kanemoto as the only players in NPB history to reach the 1,000 RBI milestone while wearing a Hanshin uniform.

Arai collected his first career RBI on a three-run homer off Chunichi's Shigeki Noguchi on June 6, 1999.

Source: Daily Sports 6/8/2013, Sponichi 6/8/2013Daily Sports 6/8/2013


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[5/22/2013] Injury Updates: Makita (Seibu), Aikawa, Barnette (Yakult), T. Arai (Hanshin)

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Seibu Lions

Kazuhisa Makita was helped off the field after he took a batted ball off his right leg in the 1st inning of Wednesday night's game against Hiroshima.  He was removed from the game after coaches watched him take his warm-ups before the 2nd inning.  He was later taken to a hospital in Tokorozawa where he was diagnosed with a bruise.  He is considered day-to-day (the team will wait for the swelling to go away before deciding on is next start).

Source: Sports Hochi 5/22/2013, Sponichi 5/22/2013

Yakult Swallows

Takeaki Tokuyama popped a blister on his right middle finger during his start against Nippon Ham on Wednesday.

Source: Sponichi 5/22/2013


Ryoji Aikawa could return to the active roster in time for the upcoming Softbank series at Jingu Stadium (May 25-26).  Aikawa dislocated his shoulder during a game against Yokohama on April 6.  He played in his first rehab game on the May 12.

Tony Barnette pitched in a Ni-gun game against Nippon Ham on Wednesday and tossed a shutout inning in relief.  This was his first rehab game since he suffered a strain in his right oblique.

Source: Sponichi 5/22/2013

Hanshin Tigers

Takahiro Arai was removed on defense in the 12th inning of Wednesday's game against Lotte after he hurt his right ankle while playing defense in the 11th -- Toshiaki Imae hit a ground ball to short and came into contact with Arai's right leg while running to first.  He received ice treatment after the game and was walking around on his own.  He told reporters that he was probably going to be ok.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/22/2013

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[5/17/2013] Hanshin Tigers News and Notes

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Yutaka Wada watched the Ni-gun game against Orix at Naruohama on Thursday and likes Ryota Imanari as a possible left-handed DH candidate.  He is still not sure what to do about the DH from the right side.  Wada is also thinking about giving the Arai brothers and Matt Murton a break by using them as DHs.

Source: Sanspo 5/17/2013

Wada does want to call up a right-handed bat to take Kentaro Sekimoto's spot on the active roster.  Shinta Hifumi and Masahiro Nakatani are two possible candidates.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/17/2013


Takahiro Arai and Ryota Arai could swap spots in the batting order -- Takahiro could move up to batting fifth with Ryota dropping down to sixth.

R. Arai (batting fifth): 11 G, 6-for-40, .150/.250/.275
T. Arai (batting sixth): 31 G, 33-for-111, .297/.368/.486

Source: Sanspo 5/17/2013Daily Sports 5/17/2013


1st round draft pick Shintaro Fujinami was scheduled to throw about fifty pitches in the bullpen on Thursday.  He instead threw about twenty after asking if he could throw less.

Fujinami is not traveling with the team so that he can keep his workouts on the natural grass as Naruohama and Koshien.  The team also wants to keep his travel fatigue down.  Moving forward, he will likely have a chance to face some live hitters before he returns to the active roster on the 26th.

Source: Nikkan Sports 5/17/2013

The Tigers will have a better idea for when Fujinami will be able to return to the active roster for his next start after his next bullpen session on Saturday.

Source: Sports Hochi 5/17/2013


Thursday's Ni-gun game against Orix:

Naoto Nishida started at second and batted third.  He went 1-for-3 with a home run off Alex Maestri in the 3rd.  Source: Sanspo 5/17/2013

Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: March 28, 2013

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Situational batting practice on Wednesday at Naruohama:

Yasutomo Kubo faced three hitters and gave up two hits -- Fumiya Araki hit an infield single; Katsuhiko Saka grounded out to the pitcher; and Hayata Ito hit a double to right-center.  Kubo was originally scheduled to face two hitters, but needed to throw a few more pitches and faced a third.  Source: Nikkan Sports 3/28/2013 ... Matt Murton went 2-for-2.  Source: Sanspo 3/28/2013 ... Shinjiro Hiyama went 1-for-2 -- single to right off Naoto Tsuru.  Source: Nikkan Sports 3/28/2013 ... Takahiro Arai went 1-for-4 with a double to right.  Source: Daily Sports 3/28/2013


T. Arai could make the starting line-up at first in place of Brooks Conrad if the team 1) feel Arai is healthy enough and 2) thinks he can do a better job on offense against left-handed pitching.

Source: Daily Sports 3/28/2013


Yutaka Wada spent about ten minutes giving Ryota Arai tips on hitting after batting practice on Wednesday.

Source: Daily Sports 3/28/2013


The Tigers may place an innings limit on 1st round draft pick Shintaro Fujinami.  If they do, it will be at least 144 innings, which is the requirement to qualify for an ERA title.

Source: Sanspo 3/28/2013, Daily Sports 3/28/2013

Fujinami used to throw three bullpen sessions in between his starts -- for example, if he started a game on Sunday, he would toss sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  He will now only be allowed to toss two bullpen sessions.  If he tosses a session the day before a start, he will likely be limited to about forty pitches.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/28/2013

Fujinami threw forty pitches in the bullpen today.

Source: Sponichi 3/28/2013


The Miki House Sanspo MVP Award prize money will jump from one million to ten million yen if the team manages a first place finish this year.

Source: Sanspo 3/28/2013

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