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[2/3/2014] Yomiuri Giants News and Notes

by on Feb.04, 2014 @ 6:22 am, under NPB
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Batting Practice

February 2

  • Leslie Anderson - forty-seven swings, twenty-three could-be hits including two over the fence; he also tried five bunts

Source: Sponichi 2/3/2014

Bullpen Sessions / Batting Practice

February 2

  • Tomoyuki Sugano - fifty-three pitches to squatting catcher; all pitches; 1st round draft pick Seiji Kobayashi caught the session
  • Nobutaka Imamura - eighty-one pitches; Shinnosuke Abe caught the session

Source: Daily Sports 2/3/2014, Sanspo 2/3/2014


Takahiro Suzuki is planning to go back to being a switch-hitter.

Source: Sanspo 2/3/2014


The Giants decided to send Hirokazu Sawamura to Ni-gun camp on Monday after he complained of discomfort (not pain) in his right shoulder.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/3/2014, Sanspo 2/3/2014


Hideki Matsui hit baseballs from the right side during fielding practice on Monday (220 swings, three swing-and-misses).  He also stayed back after general workouts and threw 131 batting practice pitches to Yoshinobu Takahashi.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/3/2014, Nikkan Sports 2/3/2014, Sponichi 2/3/2014

Matsui was seen at the Ni-gun hotel eating a meal with Taishi Ota, Ryosuke Miyaguni, and Daisuke Nakai after practices on Monday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/3/2014


Leslie Anderson's nickname will apparently be Toru.  Shinnosuke Abe picked the name.

Source: Daily Sports 2/3/2014


Shogo Shibata was diagnosed with Behcet's disease when he was in junior high school.  When he first experienced stomach pains on Sunday, team officials were concerned it might be connected to the disease.  An examination at a hospital revealed that it was appendicitis.

Source: Sanspo 2/3/2014


Advance Scout Yoshinori Murata was checking players at Bay Stars camp on Sunday.

Source: Daily Sports 2/3/2014


The Giants handed out Tamiflu to the Ni-gun staff and Matsui on Sunday.  Ni-gun manager Kaoru Okazaki was diagnosed with influenza A on Saturday.  Ni-gun staff may have been exposed to the virus and Matsui spent over two hours with Okazaki on Sunday.

Source: Sponichi 2/3/2014

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Yomiuri Giants: Takahiro Suzuki suffers bone fracture in left shoulder

by on Mar.22, 2013 @ 5:13 pm, under NPB
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The Yomiuri Giants announced that Takahiro Suzuki visited a Kanagawa hospital on Thursday and was diagnosed with a bone fracture in his left scapula (shoulder).  The injury likely occurred when a batted ball him his shoulder during Ni-gun batting practice on the 15th.

Suzuki will return to full team Ni-gun practices once the pain subsides.  Until then, he will focus on rehab.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/22/2013, Sponichi 3/23/2013

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The NPB after the big quake, Day 1 [March 12, 2011]

by on Mar.12, 2011 @ 3:32 pm, under NPB
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I'll keep this updated throughout the day.  I'm hoping that all players and team personnel have been able to contact their families by now.


Chunichi Dragons

Hiromitsu Ochiai is from Akita and told reporters that his parents were fine and that his family in Tokyo were fine as well.

Tony Blanco was about to take a shower after practice at Nagoya Stadium yesterday when the earthquake hit and rushed outside with just a towel wrapped around his waist.

Yomiuri Giants

Takanori Hoshi is from Miyagi and was able to contact his family.

Takahiro Suzuki is from Soma, Fukushima and learned from his younger brother that his family was safe.

A number of players, including Shun Tono and Shigeyuki Furuki were working out at Giants Stadium yesterday when the earthquake hit.  They all rushed out to the parking lot.  Cracks were found in a stairwell at the indoor facilities.

Yakult Swallows

Yoshinori Sato is from Sendai, Miyagi and used a phone in the press box yesterday because his mobile phone wouldn't dial out.  He was able to contact his family and was relieved to find them safe.

Kazuhiro Hatakeyama is from Hanamaki, Iwate and was able to contact his family.

Hiroshima Carp

Kenta Kurihara (from Tendo, Yamagata) and Tsubasa Aizawa (Ibaraki) were all able to confirm the safety of their families.

GM Kiyoaki Suzuki told reporters yesterday that there will still some players that haven't been able to contact their families.

Yokohama Bay Stars

Shinji Niinuma is from Ishinomaki, Miyagi and hasn't been able to get in touch with his family.  He told reporters he keeps getting busy signals and is really concerned because his family lives near the water.

A number of players, including Daisuke Miura, Takehiro Ishikawa, Hichori Morimoto, Tomokazu Oka, and Niinuma, spent the night at Yokohama Stadium due to traffic conditions.

Softbank Hawks

Toru Hosokawa is from Aomori and was able to contact his family.

Tadashi Settsu was worried about his father that works in Sendai.

Yuki Shimooki is from Iwate and was able to contact his family and friends.

Seibu Lions

Yusei Kikuchi is from Iwate and couldn't contact his family and friends yesterday and was able to get in touch with his family.

Takayuki Kishi is from Sendai and was able to contact his parents and sister, but only by e-mail.

Chiba Lotte Marines

Yasuhiko Yabuta, Bill Murphy, Hayden Penn, and an interpreter were on their way back to Tokyo from Akashi, but had to spent the night at Nagoya.

QVC Marine Field appears to be ok, but there seems to be some problems with liquefaction in the parking lots.  The stadium was also apparently closed off to the general public out of concern of land subsidence.

Nippon Ham Fighters

The entire team had the day off yesterday and was staying at a hotel in Gifu (most players were in rooms on or above the 20th or 25th floor (accounts differ based on reports) of a 43 story building.  Atsunori Inaba was soaking in the tub in a hotel room on the 27th floor when the earth quake struck and told reporters he thought he was going to die.

The Fighters were worried about Yuki Saito (1st round) because he didn't reply back to e-mail messages that were sent out by the club's PR department.  It wasn't until 5 hours later that his reply made it back to the Fighters (he probably didn't get the message right away).

The Ni-gun team that was in Yokosuka for a Kyoiku League game against Yokohama, had to spend the night in the Yokohama Stadium player locker rooms because of traffic.  The team left Bay Stars Stadium in Yokosuka at 3:00pm and hit severe traffic.  At around 7:30pm, the team decided to head to Yokohama Stadium out of concern for the players and didn't arrive until 11:40pm.

Orix Buffaloes

Takashi Kamoshida is from Ibaraki and was able to contact his parents -- seems they had to spend the night in their car because their house was a mess.

Fumihiro Suzuki is from Fukushima and his parent's home suffered damage from the quake.  Suzuki couldn't contact his family, but his sister was able to get through and told him that everyone was safe (his mother mother and grandmother were at home but his father was away on a business trip).

Rakuten Eagles

Players like Masahiro Tanaka, Hisashi Iwakuma, Satoshi Nagai, Darrell Rasner, Kenta Satake, Shinya Okamoto were on a Shinkansen heading to Tokyo from Akashi.  They all had to spend the night in Nagoya.

About 80 players, coaches, and staff were at Kleenex Stadium when the earthquake hit and they all gathered in the parking lot outside.  There were some people with a few cuts and bruises, but no major injuries.  By around 7:30pm, all players were able to confirm that their families were safe.  The club was not able to check on the stadium for structural damage yesterday.

About 30-40 people camped out in tents that were set up on the field at Kleenex Stadium.

The Eagles will be giving their player the next two days (12th and 13th) to check on their families.

Kleenex Stadium will be open to people looking to recharge their mobile phones until 9pm today.  The stadium will be open again tomorrow between 9am and 9pm.  Bathrooms on the second floor concourse have also bee opened up.

During yesterday's exhibition games:

At Yokohama Stadium: the game was stopped at 14:47 and called 16 minutes later.  Fans, players, staff...  The field was opened up to everyone at 15:22 for their safety.  3,756 fans were in attendance.  It wasn't until about an hour later that players were able to go to the locker rooms.  FWIW: this was also the day the new turf at the stadium was unveiled.


由規、記者席から仙台の家族の無事確認 (Daily Sports)

佑ちゃん無事…発生から5時間後に確認 (Daily Sports)

稲葉、都内ホテルで「死ぬかと思った」 (Daily Sports)

マー君HPで「無事」名古屋で降車 (Daily Sports)

恐怖…悲鳴…横浜球場「助けて~」 (Daily Sports)

揺れるハマスタ…ナインもファンも避難 (Nikkan Sports)

オリ・鴨志田沈痛…茨城の実家に被害 (Daily Sports)

オリックス鈴木捕手、福島の実家が半壊 (Daily Sports)

ソフトB移動に影響、メールで安否確認 (Nikkan Sports)

西武菊池、岩手実家と連絡つかず「心配」 (Nikkan Sports)

マリン液状化…ロッテ堀氏の引退試合中止 (Nikkan Sports)

楽天家族優先、安否確認でオープン戦中止 (Nikkan Sports)

オリックス広報の実家被害に (Nikkan Sports)

広島栗原山形の家族とつながらない (Nikkan Sports)

ハム中田地震に恐怖「死ぬかと思った」 (Nikkan Sports)

Kスタ宮城グラウンドにテント張り市民避難 (Sanspo)

試合中止の2日間の行動を選手に一任 (Sanspo)

日本ハム2軍帰れずハマスタロッカー1泊 (Sanspo)

G・東野ヒヤリ、室内練習場階段にヒビ (Sanspo)

広島・栗原、会沢家族の無事を確認 (Daily Sports)

【中日】秋田出身・落合監督も絶句 (Nikkan Sports)

【西武】仙台出身の岸「試合どころじゃ」 (Nikkan Sports)

西武・岸と雄星、実家の無事を確認 (Sanspo)

Kスタ宮城で携帯電話充電できます (Daily Sports)

中日ブランコ シャワー中飛び出した (Nikkan Sports)

横浜・三浦帰宅できずハマスタで夜を明かす (Daily Sports)

巨人・鈴木、地元・福島の被害に言葉失う (Sanspo)

ロッテがOP戦中止、球場周辺で液状化現象 (Sanspo)

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Takahiro Suzuki to stay with the Yomiuri Giants?

by on Nov.04, 2010 @ 10:18 pm, under NPB
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Takahiro Suzuki decided that he'll be staying with the Yomiuri Giants for at least one more season.  He still hasn't agreed on a contract with the Giants yet, so the two sides still need to work out the details.

Seems Suzuki made the decision to stay after Tatsunori Hara told him he would be given a chance to crack the starting line-up.

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Michihiro Ogasawara earns domestic / international FA option

by on Aug.17, 2010 @ 8:55 pm, under NPB
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36-year-old Michihiro Ogasawara earned his domestic / international FA options today.  This marks the second time he has earned the option -- the first time around he left the Nippon Ham Fighters for the Yomiuri Giants after the 2006 season and signed a 4-year deal (which actually ends at the end of this season).

32-year-old Takahiro Suzuki earned his domestic FA option today.