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7/13/2011: Koji Uehara, Ryan Vogelsong, Todd Linden

by on Jul.13, 2011 @ 3:21 pm, under MLB
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Via Nikkan Sports: The Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec gave Koji Uehara an A- for the first half of the season. A snip:

Koji Uehara, 2.03 ERA, A-, Other than being a little home run prone, the righty has exceeded all expectations with his effectiveness and durability.


The Japanese media approached former Hanshin Tiger Ryan Vogelsong during the All-Star game. Some of his comments:

I'd like to visit Japan with my wife in order to eat some Kobe beef. ... The Koshien fans are the best in the world and I'm grateful for all their support. The All-Star game has been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

Vogelsong still keeps in touch with his old teammate, Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi.


Former Rakuten Eagle Todd Linden has been playing well with the Edmonton Capitals.

2011 Stats

45 160 47 56 15 3 8 43 35 37 .350

He was also named the North American League's Player of the Week on June 27th. A snip:

Linden, a native of Edmonds, Washington, recorded 13 hits in 28 at-bats last week for a .464 batting average. Six of those 13 hits were for extra bases as well, including three doubles, one triple and two home runs. Linden also drove in 12 runs, scored nine times and stole three bases.

Linden had a fairly solid first year with the Eagles (73 G, 83-for-284, .291/.366/.496), but struggled in his second season (53 G, 30-for-162, .185/.291/.309), partly due to thumb injury.


Jose Bautista (TOR) spoke to Daily Sports reporters about how he almost signed with the Hanshin Tigers during the 2008 off-season.

I got a call from my agent and we spoke about playing in Japan. There was a chance. ... [I was also a little worried because] if you can't play well in Japan, your chances to return to the Majors diminishes. But I got lucky with my current team giving me an offer.

The Tigers ended up signing Kevin Mench over Bautista.

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Yabu, Miyade, Linden, Phillips won’t be returning to Eagles next year

by on Oct.27, 2010 @ 12:52 pm, under NPB
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In addition to Keiichi Yabu, the Rakuten Eagles also announced today that Ryuji Miyade was informed of his senryokugai status.

The club also announced that Todd Linden and Andy Phillips will not return to club next year.

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Todd Linden fined by the Eagles, release next to come?

by on Sep.07, 2010 @ 1:49 pm, under NPB
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It seems Todd Linden (RAK) was given a 40-day suspension and fined about 6M yen (based on 40-days worth of pay assuming a salary of 50M) for criticizing the Marty Brown.  Linden's suspension will end on the 28th and it seems there's a chance he may be released after that.

According to another report filed by Sponichi, after Linden was ejected from the game for using strong language while arguing balls and strikes, he had a few words with Brown in the hallway beyond the dugout.  That's apparently when Linden went too far and the club decided to suspend and fine him.

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Todd Linden caught with an “illegal” bat

by on Mar.26, 2010 @ 7:56 pm, under NPB
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Seems Todd Linden was using an illegal bat.  The was nothing wrong with the bat itself (the bat passed inspections last year).  The problem apparently has something to do with a sticker he placed on the bat.

Wait, huh?  A sticker?!

Linden's bat is produced in the US.  The sticker belonged to the Japanese bat manufacturer Linden has a contract with.

According to the Eagles, the sticker was placed on the bat in consideration for the Japanese bat manufacturer.

So how does that make the bat illegal?

There are apparently two reasons:

  1. As has been mentioned on this blog before, baseball equipment cannot have any manufacturer trademarks on it.
  2. The sticker did not match the actual bat manufacturer

The first reason is kind of  strict, but this would actually be the second case this year that a player was caught with a trademarked logo on his baseball equipment (Yusei Kikuchi's glove).

The second reason is, well, kind of obvious.  Although I'm not really sure how big a deal it was in this particular situation.

Now it also seems there was mention as some point that Linden receive clearance to place the sticker on the bat, but according the NPB rules, such a request likely would have been turned down.

On Thursday, the NPB contacted the manufacturer listed on the sticker and were informed that the manufacturer did in fact give Linden the sticker, but did not think he would actually put it on his bat.

What makes this story a little more interesting is that he actually hit a 3-run home run with the bat against the Orix Buffaloes on the 22nd.

Linden, Rasner re-up with the Rakuten Eagles

by on Dec.15, 2009 @ 10:12 am, under NPB
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The Eagles have offered Todd Linden and Darrell Rasner contracts for the 2010 season.

Rakuten signed Linden to an 80M yen deal while Rasner gets 100M yen.

The Eagles are expecting more from these players as both missed time last season due to various reasons (Rasner was demoted to Ni-gun for 3 months and Linden signed with the team partway through the season).

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Todd Linden to apologize to Katsuya Nomura?

by on Oct.13, 2009 @ 12:28 pm, under NPB
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Sponichi mentions that Todd Linden will be meeting with Katsuya Nomura today to apologize.  According to the article, based on what happened with Kazuo Fukumori and his apology to Nomura earlier in the year, there's a good chance the two sides will be able to reconcile their differences.

On another note, my apologies for the delay in the article I'm writing up about the Linden and this recent incident.  I'm hoping to get it posted some time today.

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Todd Linden taken off the active roster

by on Oct.11, 2009 @ 11:27 pm, under NPB
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Ok, maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill here, but I was a little surprised that Todd Linden was taken off the active roster earlier today.

The story goes that Linden sarcastically said, "Thank you," after he was left out of the starting line-up on Saturday against the Nippon Ham Fighters.  That was taken as a knock on Katsuya Nomura and he was instantly taken off the active roster.

"That was a comment against me because I didn't include him in the starting line-up.  Criticism against the manager?  I won't have any of it," said Nomura.

Since he was taken off today, the earliest he'd be allowed to return is the 21st, which means he won't be a part of the roster that plays in the First Round of the Climax Series.

Seems like a fairly big punishment in a time when the team will likely need him most.  And while I understand that it's not good for team chemistry if you have a player putting down the manager and dropping negative energy vibes all over the place, I wonder if anyone bothered to sit down and talk to him first to see what was up?

I'd be a little curious to know the back-story here.

Might any of you peeps here know more of what happened?

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