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[12/6/2014] Alfredo Despaigne, Yulieski Gourriel, Hideki Okajima

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The Chiba Lotte Marines could offer Alfredo Despaigne (28) a one-year deal over 300 million yen. Other teams were said to be interested in Despaigne, but Yomiuri will most ikely focus their attention on Yulieski Gurriel and Orix may no longer have the need. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/6/2014 ... Lotte could offer a two-year deal worth 800 million yen. At 400 million yen a year, he would become the highest paid player in franchise history (the current high of 300 million yen was set by Julio Franco in 1995). Source: Sports Hochi 12/6/2014

The Yokohama Bay Stars are close to finalizing a deal with Hideki Okajima (38). An announcement could be made within the next few days. Source: Sports Hochi 12/6/2014

A Bay Stars representative could be heading to Cuba to discuss Yulieski Gourriel (30). Yokohama could offer Gourriel a one-year deal worth 300 million yen. Source: Sanspo 12/6/2014

Masanori Hayashi signed a three-year deal with the Bay Stars. He agreed to a fifteen million yen raise and will make an estimated forty-one million yen next year. Source: Daily Sports 12/6/2014

Tsuyoshi Nishioka (30) finished off a two-year deal and finalized a new one-year deal on Friday. "I got hurt this year and didn't have the kind of season I wanted even after returning. I signed a two-year contract, but only managed to help in one. I want to hear about how Nishioka helped the team by pulling everyone together," said Nishioka. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/6/2014 ... Nishioka also said, "I want to stick to the middle infield, I want focus on second and short. I'm still young. It's difficult to change positions and then go back again later. I went with a one-year deal because I feel strongly about this... My preference for positions is important." Source: Daily Sports 12/6/2014

Ryosuke Hirata (26) was offered forty-seven million yen during contract negotiations on November 22 (twelve million yen raise). He appeared on Tokai TV's Dora HOT Plus on Saturday and said he informed the organization that he was hoping to hit sixty-five million yen in 2015 (difference of eighteen million yen). He is slated to meet with the Dragons again next week. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/6/2014

The Orix Buffaloes will most likely end up spending about 3.5 billion yen on five contracts this off-season: Eiichi Koyano, Hiroyuki Nakajima, Tony Blanco, Bryan Bullington, and Chihiro Kaneko. Source: Sponichi 12/6/2014

Orix senryokugai Shinji Takahashi (36) is slated to join the Shinano Granserows Baseball Club (BC League) as a player/hitting coach. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/6/2014

[10/30/2014] Rumors: Motohiro Shima (Rakuten), Miguel Mejia

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Hanshin Tigers

  • The Tigers are planning to ask Tsuyoshi Nishioka to return next year. Nishioka has apparently expressed an interest in staying. Hanshin is also most likely planning to ask Matt Murton and Mauro Gomez to return in 2015. Takashi Toritani told reporters he wanted time to think through his options. Atsushi Nomi is not thinking about exercising his FA option. Source: Sponichi 10/31/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Shogo Kimura met with team officials for contract negotiations on Thursday. Kimura was presented with terms, but told Hiroshima he needed more time to think. Source: Daily Sports 10/30/2014

Rakuten Eagles

  • Motohiro Shima told reporters he was going to spend as much time as he has to consider his options. Source: Sports Hochi 10/30/2014

Seibu Lions

  • The Lions are planning to give Miguel Mejia (26) a tryout. He is scheduled to arrive in Japan in November and will partcipate in fall practices at Seibu Dome. Mejia attended a tryout with Nippon Ham last October, but failed to make the team. He played for the Lamigo Monkeys this past season (55 G, 5-1, 35 Sv, 1.24 ERA). Source: Nikkan Sports 10/30/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Takahiro Mahara was reportedly offered a multi-year contract, but agreed to a one-year deal. Source: Sports Hochi 10/30/2014

[9/11/2014] Hanshin Tigers: Tsuyoshi Nishioka earns domestic FA option

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Tsuyoshi Nishioka earned his domestic FA option upon returning to the active roster today. Nishioka told reporters the option was something he was not currently thinking about. Team officials said he was a valued member of the team.

Nishioka was taken off the active roster on July 23, one day before earning his FA option, because of back pain. He never got to play defense in games during his rehab stint at Ni-gun, but Yutaka Wada called him up anyway with hopes to jump-start a slumping team. Wada plans to use Nishioka as a bat off the bench for the time being. The veteran infielder was able to participate in pre-game batting and fielding practice today.

Source: Nikkan Sports 9/11/2014, Sponichi 9/11/2014

[9/7/2014] Injury Report: Kan Otake (Yomiuri), Kosuke Fukudome (Hanshin)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Tomoyuki Sugano (right middle finger) joined the Ichi-gun team for workouts on Sunday for the first time in about a month. He is currently slated to start a game on the 10th against Hanshin at Koshien. Source: Sponichi 9/7/2014
  • Kan Otake left Saturday's game against the Yakult Swallows after seventy-one pitches. Tatsunori Hara told reporters there was no reason to be concerned, but it's possible Otake felt discomfort somewhere in his upper body, perhaps his right shoulder, since he has had problems with it in the past. Source: Sponichi 9/7/2014 ... Otake was taken off the active roster on Sunday with discomfort in his right shoulder. Source: Sponichi 9/7/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Kosuke Fukudome did not make the starting line-up on Saturday. He was in the dugout during the game and was available to play. The Tigers have not made a formal announcement about his condition. Source: Sanspo 9/7/2014
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka played in a Ni-gun rehab game on Saturday. He was the starting designated hitter and batted lead-off. He went 1-for-3. Source: Sanspo 9/7/2014

[9/5/2014] Injury Report: Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Hanshin), Kenta Asakura (Chunichi)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Tomoyuki Sugano (right middle finger) could return to the active roster in time for a start against Hanshin at Koshien on the 11th. Source: Sanspo 9/5/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka will most likely appear in two to three rehab games at Ni-gun as a designated hitter before he gets to play defense. Source: Sponichi 9/5/2014 ... Nishioka practiced at Naruohama on Thursday. His workouts included taking batting practice from both side of the plate and playing catch at a distance of about fifteen meters. Source: Sanspo 9/5/2014 ... Nishioka played in a Ni-gun rehab game against Hiroshima on Friday. He was the starting designated hitter and batted lead-off. He went 0-for-3: G3, Kl, G3. It was his first game since July 21. He is scheduled to make the starting line-up at DH on Saturday as well. Depending on his progress, he could play some defense beginning on the 9th. Source: Sports Hochi 9/5/2014, Nikkan Sports 9/5/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Kenta Asakura was taken off the active roster on Thursday with pain in his right elbow. Pitching coach Yui Tomori told reporters Asakura hurt the elbow on the last pitch he threw during his start against the Yakult Swallows on the 3rd. The Dragons are not planning to rush him. Source: Nikkan Sports 9/5/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Yoshitomo Tsutsugo practiced at Yokohama Stadium with the Ichi-gun team on Friday. He is slated to return to the active roster on Saturday. Source: Daily Sports 9/5/2014, Sponichi 9/5/2014

[8/30/2014] Injury Report: Seiichi Uchikawa (Softbank), Wladimir Balentien (Yakult)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Tomoyuki Sugano threw forty-one pitches in the bullpen on Friday -- fourteen to a standing catcher and twenty-seven to a half-bent catcher.  He had not tossed a session since the 21st due to discomfort in his lower back.  He is slated to pitch three innings in a Ni-gun rehab game on September 4 against Lotte at Giants Stadium. Source: Sponichi 8/30/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka might be able to play in his first Ni-gun rehab game some time in early September, based on his current progress. Source: Sponichi 8/30/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Brad Eldred tweaked his right knee while chasing after a baseball in foul territory in the 9th inning of Friday's game against the Chunichi Dragons. He was examined at a hospital in Nagoya and diagnosed with a knee contusion. Eldred was able to participate in pre-game workouts on Saturday and made the starting line-up at first, batting clean-up. Source: Daily Sports 8/30/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Masahiko Morino felt discomfort in his left leg while running the bases in the bottom of 10th inning of Friday's game against Hiroshima and left on defense in the top of the 11th as a precaution. He was left out of the starting line-up on Saturday. Source: Sanspo 8/30/2014, Sanspo 8/30/2014, Nikkan Sports 8/30/2014
  • Kazuki Yoshimi (right elbow) can only play catch. The Dragons have been unable to set a timetable on his return because he is still not ready to toss bullpen sessions or do long-distance throwing. Best case scenario: he could resume bullpen sessions in mid-September at the earliest. If he cannot make it back in time for the regular season, the Dragons could let him pitch during the Phoenix League. Source: Sports Hochi 8/30/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Wladimir Balentien did not make the starting line-up on Saturday against the Hanshin Tigers because of pain in his left Achilles tendon. Source: Sponichi 8/30/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Seiichi Uchikawa did not play in Saturday's game against the Rakuten Eagles because his neck was most likely giving him problems (from the diving catch he made on Thursday). Source: Sanspo 8/30/2014, Nikkan Sports 8/30/2014

[8/29/2014] Injury Report: Ryota Arai (Hanshin), Seiichi Uchikawa (Softbank)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Yoshinobu Takahashi (right middle finger) began his rehab at Giants Stadium on Wednesday.  He focused most of his exercises on the lower-half of his body since his right hand is in a brace. Source: Sponichi 8/28/2014
  • Tomoyuki Sugano (right middle finger) played catch at a distance of about fifty meters on Wednesday.  He could toss a bullpen session some time this week. Source: Sponichi 8/28/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Ryota Arai will be taken off the active roster with lower back pain. Source: Sanspo 8/28/2014 ... Arai started complaining of the pain during pre-game practices on Thursday -- he skipped batting and fielding practice.  He was taken to the hospital for tests. Source: Daily Sports 8/28/2014, Nikkan Sports 8/28/2014
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka (back) practiced at Naruohama on Wednesday.  His workouts included infield drills, fielding practice at second, and batting practice (thirty-one swings from the right side and twenty-eight from the left.  He should be okay to play in his first rehab game soon. Source: Sponichi 8/28/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Tatsuro Hamada was seen with a cast on his left arm after his hospital visit on Wednesday.  The Dragons are not planning to rush the youngster back. Source: Daily Sports 8/28/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Seiichi Uchikawa was a little banged up after making a diving catch in the 1st inning of Thursday's game against the Nippon Ham Fighters.  He remained in the game, but was replaced on defense in the 5th. Source: Sanspo 8/28/2014

[8/20/2014] Injury Report: Akihiro Yanase (Softbank), Yoshihiro Ito (Lotte)

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Hanshin Tigers

  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka worked out at Naruohama on Tuesday.  He played catch outdoors at a distance of about fifty meters.  He also hit off a tee indoors -- thirty swings from each side. Source: Sanspo 8/20/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Ryuji Ichioka (right shoulder) was re-examined at a hospital in Hiroshima on Wednesday.  He was given the green light to resume throwing, but there is no timetable on when he might start playing catch because he still needs time to regain muscle strength. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/20/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Kyohei Muranaka was taken off the active roster on Wednesday with a bruise on right calf.  Muranaka suffered the injury during a start against Yomiuri on Tuesday.  He will be examined at a hospital in Tokyo on Thursday. Source: Sports Hochi 8/20/2014, Sponichi 8/20/2014

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • Yoshihiro Ito started feeling discomfort in his right shoulder on Tuesday.  He was taken off the active roster on Wednesday. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/20/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Akihiro Yanase was examined at a hospital in Fukuoka on Wednesday and diagnosed with inflammation in the medial collateral ligament in his right elbow.  He was taken off the active roster on the same day.  The Hawks will re-assess after a week of no throwing. Source: Sports Hochi 8/20/2014
  • Nobuhiro Matsuda (right index finger) played in a Ni-gun rehab game against Hanshin on Tuesday.  He was the starting designated hitter and batted second.  He went 1-for-2 with a walk. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/20/2014
  • Tadashi Settsu (right thumb) could make his next start on the 26th against Nippon Ham at YafuOku Dome. Source: Nikkan Sports 8/20/2014

[7/23/2014] Injury Report: Kazuki Yoshimi (Chunichi), Tsuyoshi Nishioka (Hanshin)

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Hanshin Tigers

  • Ryoma Matsuda (right elbow) played in his first Ni-gun intra-squad rehab game on Wednesday.  He pitched one inning and retired the side in order.  He threw nine pitches, struck out one, and topped out at 146km/h. Source: Sports Hochi 7/23/2014, Nikkan Sports 7/23/2014
  • The Tigers took Tsuyoshi Nishioka off the active roster on Wednesday with pain in his back.  Nishioka was slated to earn his domestic FA option on the same day. Source: Sponichi 7/23/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Kazuki Yoshimi left Wednesday's game early because of tightness in his elbow.  His status moving forward is uncertain at this time. Source: Sports Hochi 7/24/2014
  • Kazuhiro Wada missed another game on Wednesday because he is still recovering from an HBP to the left side of the head during a game against Yokohama on the 21st.  "There is still some swelling and pain.  I feel a little sick when I run," said Wada. Source: Nikkan Sports 7/24/2014

Orix Buffaloes