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[11/23/2013] Lin, Sho, Hsu, Cheng, and Lin to continue careers in CPBL

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According to Daily Sports, former NPB players Wei-Chu Lin (34, Hanshin), Ikketsu Sho (27, Hanshin and Softbank), Ming-Chieh Hsu (36, Seibu and Orix), Kai-Wen Cheng (25, Hanshin and Yokohama), and Yi-Hao Lin (22, Yomiuri) are set to continue their careers in the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Source: Daily Sports 11/23/2013

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[10/1/2013] Hanshin Tigers Senryokugai: Lin, Hayashi, Nohara, Hashimoto, Kiyohara, Kuroda, K. Fujii

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The Hanshin Tigers announced today that they will not sign the following players to contracts for the 2014 season: Wei-Chu Lin (34), Keisuke Hayashi (26), Masashi Nohara (25), Ryohei Hashimoto (25), and Daiki Kiyohara (24) and Ikusei players Yusuke Kuroda (27) and Kosei Fujii (23). All seven players have been informed of the decision.

Source: official announcement


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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: December 26, 2010

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Tomoyuki Kubota doesn't plan on throwing any change-ups during the first half of the season so that he can work his fastball.

"I'll rely on my fastball, slider and fork [next year]," said Kubota.  "The key will be my fastball."

He then added, "I lost my feel for the ball after I started throwing a change-up.  When things weren't going well for me, I had a hard time making adjustments [because of the change-up].  If I do use the change-up, it'll be when things are going well for me."

Kubota will be working out with Naoto Tsuru again in Okinawa in January (8 hour practice days focused on strengthening the lower body).


Wei-Chu Lin will be returning to Taiwan on the 27th.  Lin has secured a place to practice in Taiwan and plans on practicing non-stop during the winter (hitting / swinging the bat and playing catch).

With regards to the new regulation NPB baseball, Lin told reporters that he felt bat control and lower body strength would become important for players looking to his home runs next year.


Minoru Iwata worked out at Naruohama on Saturday.  He also told reporters that he changed his mind about working out alone in January.

Said Iwata, "Sugiuchi throws a lot and doesn't get injured.  I want to learn more about that and about the mental side of things from him."

Until then, he'll be working out at a training facility in Osaka that he's been going to since his Kansai University days.  He'll then begin a 1-week workout with Sugiuchi in Kagoshima beginning on 1/13.

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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: December 16, 2010

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Takumi Akiyama wants to improve his hitting during the winter.  And it seems he's got just the right bat: an old Shinjiro Hiyama model bat from 2009.  And when Hiyama found out Akiyama was using one of his old bats, he gave Akiyama three he was no longer using.  Akiyama also seems to have a Kenji Jojima bat as well -- Jojima gave Akiyama a bat (one that Jojima said didn't bring him any luck) to try out during the season this year.


After spending some time working out indoors at Naruohama, Kodai Sakurai popped out side and spent about 40 minutes running (nonstop).


It appears the Hanshin Tigers will use their regular players for their last 6 exhibition games, beginning with the Chiba Lotte Marines (at Chiba Marine Stadium) on 3/16.


The Nikkan Sports' 60th anniversary, Hanshin Tigers' Takashi Toritani Christmas Special Talk took yesterday.  To the fans that made it to the event, he told them that his goal is to be one of the few players in NPB history to be a starting shortstop when he turns 40.


Yuya Nohara was interviewed for a New Year's special program for a local TV station from Toyama on Wednesday.  Nohara played for the Toyama Thunderbirds (no longer exists) of the BC Leagues before making it to the pros.


Wei-Chu Lin was a guest on ABC Radio's Sports-ni Pitatto (スポーツにぴたっと) on Wednesday and said that he was in the process of strengthening his lower body, not just to help with his hitting, but also with his throwing.  When asked if he wanted to get married at some point, Lin said yes and that he was open to either Japanese or Taiwanese women.


Naoto Tsuru was a postmaster for a day at a post office in Osaka on Wednesday.


Shunsuke Fujikawa attended a Christmas gathering at an Osaka hospital children's ward.  Seems he's hoping to become big enough so that he can run his own Shunsuke Seat program.

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Hanshin Tigers: news and notes from 10/27/2010

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2:36pm JST

It seems the Tigers may give Ken Nishimura a look as a starter next season.

11:46pm JST

It seems there's a chance that Kodai Sakurai could get surgery on his right elbow during the off-season since the Tigers want him to be at 100% for the 2011 season.  Sakurai will get the elbow checked out again and will then have a sit down with the team to determine their next course of action.

For the time being, Sakurai won't be allowed to do any throwing or take any BP and his training will focus primarily on weight training and running.


The Tigers fall camp plans for Takumi Akiyama: not a lot of throwing and spending a lot of time fielding grounders (1,000-grounder practice) while maintaining proper fielding mechanics.  The hope here is that fielding grounders will help him with his flexibility.

Seems running will also be a large part of his training at fall camp.


Takahiro Arai committed 16 errors at third base this season (which was second most in the CL).  The Tigers would to see Arai work on lowering that number during the off-season.


Wei-Chu Lin doesn't appear to be too concerned with the new NPB regulation ball.  Said Lin, "I haven't hit the [new ball] yet, but after hitting it, I'd like to address the differences by either adding more muscle or using a heavier."


Yuya Ando is continuing to rehab his right shoulder at Naruohama.  Ando has apparently regained more mobility in the shoulder and will continue to work out and get treatment for the shoulder at the Ni-gun facilities.

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