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Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome to become Fukuoka YafuOku! Dome

by on Jan.25, 2013 @ 4:15 pm, under NPB
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YafuOku! Dome

The Softbank Hawks announced today that they were changing the name of Fukuoka Yahoo! Japan Dome (Yahoo Dome) to Fukuoka YafuOku! Dome (YafuOku Dome).  The name change will go into effect on February 1, 2013.

Official Full Name: 福岡 ヤフオク!ドーム (That is a half space, not a full space between Fukuoka and YafuOku)

Shortened Name: ヤフオクドーム


Source: official announcement

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Softbank to expand Hawks Vision at Yahoo Dome

by on Dec.22, 2012 @ 3:03 pm, under NPB
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The Softbank Hawks are looking to expand the size of the big screen, Hawks Vision, at Yahoo Dome during the winter, ahead of the World Baseball Classic.

Hawks Vision is currently comprised of three large panels in center field.  Softbank is planning to add panels to either side, making the total width of the screen 183 meters.  The size of all the screens in the outfield -- center field (1,173 square meters) plus the two panels in left and right (188 square meters each) -- will total 1,549 square meters.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/22/2012

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Softbank Group to purchase Yahoo Dome for 87B yen

by on Mar.24, 2012 @ 2:26 pm, under NPB
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Softbank Group announced today that they will be purchasing Yahoo Dome from the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd for 87B yen.

By purchasing the stadium, Softbank no longer needs to worry about paying yearly usage fees (about 5B yen a year) and can make changes/updates to the Dome as they please.

There are currently no plans for a name change.

UPDATE @ 9:06pm - Yahoo Dome pulled in about 26B yen in revenue last season.

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The NPB after the big quake, Day 111 [June 30, 2011]

by on Jun.30, 2011 @ 10:31 pm, under NPB
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I'll keep this updated throughout the day.


Chunichi Dragons

Chunichi announced today that they'll try to cut back a little more on energy use at Nagoya Dome, beginning on 7/5 (vs Hanshin).  Amongst some of the things they'll be doing: opening up the shutters in the roof during visiting team practices (the Dragons have been doing this for their practices since earlier this month); and attempting to shutout the warm air from the outside by adding cloth screens to four entry gates.

Hiroshima Carp

Beginning on 7/1, the Carp plan on conserving energy by taking on a more flexible approach to their lighting system during night games; using fewer lights during night games; and  adjusting thermostats for air-conditioning units used by various staff and personnel.

Softbank Hawks

The Hawks announced today that they'll try to reduce energy consumption by about 5% during weekday night games at Yahoo Dome between 7/1 and 8/31.  They try to do this by using fewer ceiling lights (from 90 to 54), turning off some of the air conditioning systems (from 14 to 10), and turning off some of the lights in seat areas.  According to an unnamed club source, the team has already tested the configuration during practices at Yahoo Dome on 6/22 and 6/24.

Orix Buffaloes

The Buffaloes announced today that beginning on 7/1, they'll use power generators at Kyocera Dome in order to cut back on energy use by about 10%.  They will also stop lighting Kyocera Dome up (outdoor lights).

Rakuten Eagles

The Eagles announced that they'll be taking the following measures to cut back on energy use at Kleenex Stadium between 7/1 and 9/9:

- Turn off unnecessary lighting (60%)
- Dim the big screen in the outfield to 40% brightness
- Set thermostats to 28 degrees Celsius
- Turn off all air-conditioning systems in the stadium offices between 6pm and 8pm.

Doing all this should allow the Eagles to decrease energy consumption by around 15%.

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