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[10/11/2014] Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Chunichi Dragons

  • The Dragons announced that Katsuki Matayoshi will be attending the winter league in the Dominican Republic. He will be playing on Tigres del Licey. Source: official announcement ... One of Matayoshi's goals this off-season is to learn the shuto. Training coach/interpreter Watari Sumida and trainer Masanori Kanemura are expected to accompany Matayoshi to the Dominican Republic. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/11/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Tomoya Mikami felt discomfort in his left eye and was examined at a hospital in Yokohama on September 28. He was diagnosed with pterygium and is expected to go under the knife within the next few days. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/10/2014
  • The Bay Stars hold an option on Tony Blanco for the 2015 season. General manager Shigeru Takada hinted that they might let him go. "How many games did he miss this year? He suffered three or four muscle strains. You guys wouldn't be asking me [about him] if he was putting up numbers like he did in the past." He added, "He went home saying he was going to lose ten kilograms last year, but he didn't." Source: Daily Sports 10/10/2014
  • There is interest in Daisuke Yamai. Source: Sanspo 10/11/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Orlando Roman threw forty-five pitches in the bullpen after Thursday's Phoenix Laeague game was rained out. He returned to the United States on Saturday. He would like to play for Yakult next year. The organization is thinking about offering him a new contract. Source: Sanspo 10/11/2014
  • The media learned that Ni-gun manager Akimitsu Ito will return next year. Ito has a connection with new Ichi-gun manager Mitsuru Manaka: when Manaka was Ni-gun manager last year, Ito was the pitching coach. Source: Sponichi 10/10/2014
  • The Swallows could add a third pitching coach to their Ni-gun staff next year. Source: Sponichi 10/11/2014

[10/9/2014] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Hisayoshi Chono does not have any interest in coaching because he feels he is not a good teacher. Source: ZakZak 10/9/2014
  • Tomoyuki Sugano got additional tests on his right elbow. There was no change in diagnosis. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014, Sponichi 10/9/2014
  • Yoshinobu Takahashi (right middle finger) will not be ready for the Climax Series. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Wednesday's Phoenix League game against Seibu: Ryoma Matsuda tossed a shutout inning in relief and struck out two. Of the fourteen pitches he threw, twelve were fastballs. He topped out at 149km/h. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014, Daily Sports 10/9/2014 ... Yuta Iwasada tossed a perfect inning in relief. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014 ... Ryota Arai got the start in right and batted clean-up. He recorded a double in the 5th inning. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014 ... Tsuyoshi Nishioka got the start at third and went 0-for-1 with a walk and a sac fly. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014
  • Atsushi Nomi suffered a cut on his left ring finger while pitching in a Phoenix League game against Yokohama on Tuesday. He did not appear to have any trouble throwing the ball during a game of catch on Wednesday. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014
  • Seung-Hwan Oh could be stretched to pitch up to two innings in all three First Stage games. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/9/2014
  • Team owner Shinya Sakai is scheduled to visit Koshien on Friday. He could offer Yutaka Wada an extension for the 2015 season on the same day. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014, Daily Sports 10/9/2014, Sponichi 10/9/2014, Sponichi 10/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/9/2014
  • Tickets to Game 1 and 2 of the First Stage of the Climax Series sold out at a little before 1:00pm on the day they became available on Wednesday (October 8). Tickets for Game 3 were sold out later in the day, some time after 6:00pm. Matt Murton is hoping to see a lot more yellow in the stands than red (there were a large number of Hiroshima fans last year). Source: Sponichi 10/9/2014
  • Tomoaki Kanemoto could join the staff as a hitting coach next year. Source: Sports Hochi 10/9/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Out of respect for Kenjiro Nomura, the front office does not plan on making any moves to find a new manager until the team's fate has been decided. They are fully prepared to attend the draft without a manager. Source: Sponichi 10/9/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • In addition to Ginjiro Sumitani, the Dragons could also be interested in Chihiro Kaneko. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/9/2014
  • Daisuke Yamai is still waiting to hear from Chunichi. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/9/2014
  • The Dragons held a press conference to introduce Masahiro Doi as a special coach that will be working with the team from fall practices to spring camp next year. They also introduced Akinori Otsuka as their new pitching coach. He was assigned the number seventy-four. Source: official announcement, Sanspo 10/9/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Fall practices will begin on the 18th at Jingu Gaien. Fall camp will begin in early-November in Matsuyama, Ehime. Source: Sanspo 10/9/2014
  • When new manager Mitsuru Manaka was asked what he wanted to improve the team, he said pitchers. The Swallows will most likely go after pitchers during the draft and could also go after pitchers on the free agent market. There may be interest in Daisuke Yamai and Yoshihisa Naruse. Source: Sponichi 10/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/9/2014

[10/7/2014] Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Chunichi Dragons

  • Head coach Shigekazu Mori would like Katsuki Matayoshi to work on a pitch with sinking action during the off-season. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/7/2014
  • Daniel Cabrera (33) would like to return to Chunichi next year, but will also consider offers from other NPB teams. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/7/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Masanori Hayashi is thinking about exercising his FA option. If he does, a number of teams, including Hanshin and Lotte, could be interested. Source: Sports Hochi 10/8/2014, Sponichi 10/8/2014
  • The Bay Stars are planning to make hitting coach/strategy coach Tetsuya Shindo their head coach next year. Ni-gun manager/hitting coach Iwao Omura could be promoted to Ichi-gun hitting coach. Source: Sports Hochi 10/8/2014 ... Ichi-gun hitting coach Masaaki Koike could be re-assigned to Ichi-gun outfield/base-running coach and assistant general manager Daisuke Yamashita could return as Ni-gun manager. The Bay Stars are expected offer Katsuya Udo a Ni-gun pitching coach job. Source: Sponichi 10/8/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Hiroyasu Tanaka (32) and Ryoji Aikawa (38) have been asked to return next season. Source: Sports Hochi 10/8/2014
  • The Swallows announced that Wladmir Balentien had surgery to remove spurs and fluid from his heel, in addition to cleaning out the area around his left Achillles tendon. He will likely require six months for a full recovery. Source: Sports Hochi 10/7/2014, Sponichi 10/7/2014
  • Since 1970, three players have hit grand slams on 3-0 pitches: Carmelo Martinez on April 16, 1992; Julio Zuleta on August 26, 2006; and Tetsuto Yamada on October 6, 2014. Yamada has 192 hits this year and is one hit away from tying Kensuke Tanaka's NPB record for hits in a single season by a second baseman. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/7/2014 ... Ichiro Suzuki recorded 210 hits during the year he turned twenty-one. Yamada, with 192 hits in the year he turned twenty-two, is the only other player in NPB history to record 192 or more hits in the year they turned twenty-two or younger. Source: Sponichi 10/7/2014 ... Yamada picked up another hit on Tuesday and ended the year with 193 hits. That's third most in a season by a right-handed hitter in NPB history, behind Matt Murton's 214 in 2010 and Alex Ramirez's 204 in 2007. Source: Sponichi 10/7/2014
  • Five players with enough plate appearances to qualify for a hitting title finished with batting averages above .300: Yamada, Shingo Kawabata, Yuhei, Kazuhiro Hatakeyama, and Wladmir Balentien. They are the fourth Central League team to field five hitters with averages above .300 in one season since Hanshin in 2010. Source: Sponichi 10/8/2014

[10/8/2014] Yakult Swallows: Mitsuru Manaka named next manager

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According to a report by Nikkan Sports, the Yakult Swallows have decided to make chief hitting coach Mitsuru Manaka (43) their next manager. The decision will be made during a press conference later today.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/8/2014

[UPDATE @ 9:24am]

Sports Hochi is also reporting that there is a good chance Ni-gun battery coach Katsunori Nomura, Ni-gun hitting coach Ryuji Miyade, and Ni-gun infield/base-running coach Hajime Miki will be promoted to Ichi-gun.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/8/2014

[UPDATE @ 4:13pm]

The Swallows held a press conference at their team offices earlier today to introduce Manaka as their new manager. According to Sponichi, the two sides agreed to a three-year deal.

They also officially announced that the following coaches will not be returning next year:

  • Head coach Shinichi Sato
  • Infield/base-running coach Noriyuki Shiroishi
  • Battery coach Kosei Ono

Source: official announcement, official announcement, Sponichi 10/8/2014

[UPDATE 10/9 @ 5:47pm]

According to Chunichi Shimbun, Manaka signed a three-year deal worth an estimated seventy million yen a year. He will keep his uniform number, seventy-seven.

Source: Chunichi Shimbun 10/9/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars 4 – Tokyo Yakult Swallows 3 (October 7, 2014)

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Yokohama Bay Stars vs Yakult Swallows @ Jingu Stadium - 18:00
Starters: Kubo, Yasutomo (YOK) 12-6, 3.29 - Ogawa, Yasuhiro (YAK) 9-5, 3.77

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Yokohama 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 4 7 2
Yakult 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3 6 1

Attendance: 18796 | Time: 3h28m | Yokohama leads series, 16-8-0

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[10/6/2014] Yomiuri, Hanshin, Hiroshima, Chunichi, Yokohama, Yakult

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Yomiuri Giants

Hanshin Tigers

  • Tuesday's Phoenix League game against Yokohama will be played under a special ten-inning rule. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/6/2014 ... Five pitchers are scheduled to pitch in the game: three innings each: Atsushi Nomi and Shintaro Fujinami (or Randy Messenger); one inning each: Yuya Ando, Shinobu Fukuhara, Seung-Hwan Oh, and Kazuya Takamiya in the 10th. Source: Daily Sports 10/6/2014, Sanspo 10/6/2014
  • The Tigers were slated to arrive in Miyazaki on Sunday, but pushed their travel plans back a day due to Typhoon #18. Source: Daily Sports 10/5/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Ryosuke Kikuchi hit two doubles on Monday and set a new franchise record for doubles in a season with thirty-eight. The previous record of thirty-seven was held by Luis Lopez (1997) and Kenta Kurihara (2007). Source: Daily Sports 10/6/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/6/2014
  • The Carp held a retirement ceremony for Ryuji Yokoyama after Monday's game against the Yomiuri Giants. Source: Sponichi 10/6/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Junki Ito is slated to start Tuesday's Phoenix League game against Rakuten. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/6/2014
  • Hayato Mizowaki was replaced by Tetsuya Tani on the Phoenix League roster on Sunday because he was not feeling well. Mizowaki will join the Pheonix League roster as soon as he is feeling better. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/5/2014
  • Shuhei Takahashi joined Ni-gun practices at Nagoya Stadium on Saturday. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/5/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Travel plans for Phoenix League players was pushed back a day to Monday because of Typhoon #18. Source: Sponichi 10/5/2014, Sanspo 10/6/2014
  • The Bay Stars want another left-handed starter and are looking into Yoshihisa Naruse in case he decides to exercise his FA option. Source: Sports Hochi 10/6/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Tetsuto Yamada set a new NPB record for hits in a single season by a right-handed Japanese player with 192 on Monday. Yamada started the day with 188 hits and went 4-for-5 against Yokohama. The previous record of 191 hits was set by Fumio Fujimura in 1950. Source: Daily Sports 10/6/2014
  • Yasuhiro Ogawa's start on Sunday was rained out. He threw thirty-nine pitches in the bullpen and started the make-up game on Monday. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/5/2014
  • Travel plans for Phoenix League players was pushed back a day to Monday because of Typhoon #18. Source: Sanspo 10/6/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars 6 – Tokyo Yakult Swallows 7 (October 6, 2014)

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Yokohama Bay Stars vs Yakult Swallows @ Jingu Stadium - 18:00
Starters: Moscoso, Guillermo (YOK) 9-9, 3.32 - Ishiyama, Taichi (YAK) 3-8, 4.53

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Yokohama 3 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 6 6 1
Yakult 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 4 X 7 11 3

Attendance: 18968 | Time: 3h14m | Yokohama leads series, 15-8-0

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[10/4/2014] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Tomoyuki Sugano participated in Ni-gun practices at Giants Stadium on Saturday. He is not allowed to throw, but can pretty much do everything else. His workouts on the field last about an hour and included stretches and running. Source: Sanspo 10/5/2014, Sponichi 10/5/2014

Hanshin Tigers

  • Shintaro Fujinami was slated to pitch in a Phoenix League game against Yomiuri on the 6th. The game was canceled because of Typhoon #18. Fujinami is now scheduled to pitch in Tuesday's Phoenix League game against Yokohama. He will pitch two to three innings. Source: Daily Sports 10/5/2014
  • Yamato (left shoulder) participated in general workouts at Koshien on Saturday. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/4/2014
  • Takashi Toritani will not participate in the Phoenix League. The Tigers are letting him prepare on his own because they know he is a little banged up. Source: Sanspo 10/5/2014
  • Ryota Imanari (right side) is set to play in rehab games on the 8th (vs Seibu) and 9th (vs Nippon Ham). If everything is fine, he could join the Ichi-gun roster on the 10th. Source: Sports Hochi 10/5/2014, Sponichi 10/5/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Kenta Maeda will get Sunday's start against Yomiuri. He will most likely get the start even if it's pushed back to Monday because of Typhoon #18. Source: Sanspo 10/5/2014, Daily Sports 10/5/2014
  • Kam Mickolio was taken off the active roster on Saturday with pain in his left hip joint. He was examined at a hospital in Hiroshima and diagnosed with damage in the hip joint and inflammation in the extortor. The Carp will see how he is doing after five days of rest. He will miss the First Stage of the Climax Series because he will not be eligible to return to the active roster until the 14th. Source: Daily Sports 10/4/2014, Sponichi 10/4/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/5/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Shunta Wakamatsu was slated to start Chunichi's first Phoenix League game on the 6th against Yakult, but the team decided to delay their departure for Miyazaki because of Typhoon #18. The Yakult game has already been canceled. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/4/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/4/2014
  • Katsuki Matayoshi will participate in the winter league in the Dominican Republic. The Dragons will keep an eye on Matayoshi's condition by assigning him a trainer. Source: Daily Sports 10/5/2014
  • Fall practices will take place at Nagoya Stadium between October 9 and 27. Workouts will begin at 10:00am. Players will get the day off on the 14th, 20th, and 24th. Admission will be free to the public. Source: official announcement
  • Bullpen catcher/batting practice pitcher Masatoshi Ogawa will join the staff as battery coach next year. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/4/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Wladimir Balentien had surgery on his left Achilles tendon on Wednesday. There were no complications during the procedure. Source: Sponichi 10/4/2014 ... Balentien's surgery took place at a hospital in North Carolina. He returned to his home in Miami after he was discharged from the hospital on Thursday. While there is no official timetable on his recovery, it has been said it could take five to six months. Source: Sanspo 10/5/2014

[10/4/2014] Yakult Swallows Phoenix League Roster

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Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
P 15 村中 恭兵 Muranaka, Kyohei
P 16 木谷 良平 Kiya, Ryohei
P 18 杉浦 稔大 Sugiura, Toshihiro
P 47 赤川 克紀 Akagawa, Katsuki
P 49 大場 達也 Oba, Tatsuya
P 53 ロマン Roman, Orlando
P 61 児山 祐斗 Koyama, Yuto
P 62 徳山 武陽 Tokuyama, Takeaki
P 68 山中 浩史 Yamanaka, Hirofumi
P 70 八木 亮祐 Yagi, Ryosuke
C 28 田中 雅彦 Tanaka, Masahiko
C 37 星野 雄大 Hoshino, Yudai
C 51 藤井 亮太 Fujii, Ryota
INF 3 西浦 直亨 Nishiura, Naomichi
INF 59 今浪 隆博 Imanami, Takahiro
INF 60 三輪 正義 Miwa, Masayoshi
OF 0 比屋根 渉 Hiyane, Wataru
OF 36 川上 竜平 Kawakami, Ryuhei

* Subject to change without notice.

Source: official announcement