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[11/23/2013] Lin, Sho, Hsu, Cheng, and Lin to continue careers in CPBL

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According to Daily Sports, former NPB players Wei-Chu Lin (34, Hanshin), Ikketsu Sho (27, Hanshin and Softbank), Ming-Chieh Hsu (36, Seibu and Orix), Kai-Wen Cheng (25, Hanshin and Yokohama), and Yi-Hao Lin (22, Yomiuri) are set to continue their careers in the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Source: Daily Sports 11/23/2013

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[10/1/2013] Yomiuri Giants Senryokugai: Tsujiuchi, Kishi, Lin, Matsutomi, Watanabe

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The Yomiuri Giants announced they will not sign the following five players to contracts for the 2014 season: Takanobu Tsujiuchi (25), Keisuke Kishi (26), and Yi-Hao Lin (22) and Ikusei players Rin Matsutomi (23) and Takahiro Watanabe (21). All five players have already been informed of the decision.

Source: official announcement


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Yomiuri Giants: February 5, 2012

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Batting Practice Bullpen Sessions


  • John Bowker faced Hirokazu Sawamura and collected six could-be hits on fifteen swings of the bat. (Nikkan Sports)


  • Michihiro Ogasawara took twenty-eight swings against a left-handed BP pitcher and hit sixteen baseballs between center and right. (Nikkan Sports)
  • Taishi Ota hit three over the fence during extra BP. (Sponichi)


  • Toshiya Sugiuchi threw sixty-one pitches, including off-speed pitches.  Shinnosuke Abe also caught parts of the sessions.  This was Sugiuchi's third bullpen during spring camp. (Daily Sports)
  • Tetsuya Utsumi threw 101 pitches, including off-speed pitches. (Nikkan Sports)
  • Daisuke Ochi tossed his third bullpen session in as many days. (Nikkan Sports)
  • Tetsuya Yamaguchi tossed a session. (Nikkan Sports)


  • Tetsuya Utsumi threw thirty pitches, all fastballs.  It was his third session since the start of spring camp. (Sponichi)


Today was the end of the first block of spring camp for the Ichi-gun Giants.  The team has the day off tomorrow.


The Giants attracted 18,000 fans on Saturday.


Hirokazu Sawamura tossed batting practice today (only fastballs) and said his goal for the session was to throw at 50-60%.


Shuichi Murata stayed back after general practices today and spent fifty minutes taking about 500 swings against a pitching machine.


Yi-Hao Lin faced Yoshiyuki Kamei and Tetsuya Matsumoto during batting practice on Saturday and threw fifty-one pitches (all fastballs).  Kamei and Matsumoto combined to make solid contact just four times.


Scott Mathieson is scheduled to pitch in an intra-squad game on February 16.

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Yomiuri Giants: January 25, 2012

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Today was the last day of training camp for the 2011 draft class.


Takahiko Nomaguchi showed up for practice at Giants Stadium around 8am today.  His workouts included weights, running, and playing catch.


Ryosuke Miyaguni threw 31 pitches (mostly fastballs) in the bullpen today.  This was his first bullpen session since he suffered a left ankle sprain earlier this month.


Masako Ishikawa (Head of Nippon TV Gakuin) gave the 2011 draft class a lecture on how to handle the media (abdominal breathing instructions, interview tips).


Yi-Hao Lin arrived in Japan today.  Lin returned to Taiwan in December last year and fulfilled his 12-day military requirement -- ordinarily, people are required to spend about a year and a half in the military but Lin received an exception after he made the national team.

The Giants are looking at Lin as one of their closer candidates.


Shuichi Murata does not want to focus too much of his time on practicing because that could lead to injuries.  Instead, he plans to spending time communicating with other players.


Shinnosuke Abe is thinking about holding mini-meetings where players can exchange ideas/suggestions/opinions during spring camp (especially with all the new faces joining the team).


The Giants will be playing one night game, on July 25 vs Yokohama (at Tokyo Dome), that begins at 7pm this season.  With this one game, they plan to see how much interest people have in attending games after work.

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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: December 13, 2010

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Yi-Hao Lin is currently taking part in the Giants' winter camp.  Earlier today, it seems he tossed 150 pitches in the bullpen.


Shun Tono spent about 2 hours working out at Giants Stadium (he spent a lot of time doing weight training exercises).  His goal for the winter is to strengthen his lower body and improve his stamina.


According to a quote by Daisuke Nakai and carried by Nikkan Sports, Yoshiyuki Kamei is also trying his hand at second base.  Both Nakai and Ryota Wakiya don't plan on letting Kamei take up their valuable infield spots so easily.


Hayato Sakamoto took part in the baseball clinic on Sunday and the speech he gave to the kids that attended focused on taking notes.

"People tend to forget this over time," said Sakamoto.  "Even pro baseball players.  So make sure you write down the things you were taught here today when you get home.  If you write everything down, you'll always be able to go back and remind yourself of the things you learn."

Regarding his career high 31-homer season, Sakamoto said that he didn't think he suddenly became more powerful or got better at hitting balls further, but that he had a better feel for the pitchers this year (in other words, he knew their tendencies).  And to continue improving that aspect of the game, Sakamoto is apparently thinking about keeping regular updates notes on the pitchers he faces (similar to Matt Murton).


Naha mayor Takeshi Onaga is ready to help support the Yomiuri Giants during spring camp next year.  And according to Nikkan Sports, Tatsunori Hara was really impressed with Okinawa Cellular Stadium.  Perhaps not all that surprising since about 7B yen was put into upgrading the stadium.


The Giants announced today that Takuya Fukata was hired to be an assistant coach at Giants Academy (a baseball school for kids).

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Giants to upgrade Ikusei pitcher Yi-Hao Lin?

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8/1/2010 9:29pm JST

Lin's new contract: 4.4M yen plus a 10M yen signing bonus.  His new uniform number is 96 (from 106).

7/31/2010 11:48pm JST

The Giants went ahead and added Lin to the regular roster. They have now maxed out their 70-man roster, of which 7 are foreign players.

2:51pm JST

The Giants appear to be considering whether they should upgrade Ikusei pitcher Yi-Hao Lin before the roster add-on deadline (which happens to be later today).  Lin started a Ni-gun game earlier today and tossed 3 shutout innings while giving up 3 hits, a walk, and striking out 2 on 41 pitches.  He also managed to top out at 150km/h in the first inning and kept his fastball in the 140km/h range in subsequent innings.

Two things may keep the Giants from making the upgrade: first, all three hits Lin surrendered were to left-handed batters; and second, with runners on base, Lin got a little wild and threw more balls.

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