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[10/11/2015] Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars

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Hiroshima Carp

  • Kris Johnson's wedding date is set: November 14. He will be spending nine days in Maui for his honeymoon. Source: Daily Sports 10/10/2015

Chunichi Dragons

  • About twenty players attended the first day of fall practices at Nagoya Stadium on October 11. Workouts lasted about four hours and included batting practice and running. Source: Daily Sports 10/11/2015
  • Takuya Asao's wife gave birth to the couple's second child, a girl weighing 2,610 grams, at a hospital in Aichi on October 9. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/10/2015

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Head coach Tatsuya Shindo is currently watching over players during fall practices at Bay Stars Stadium. Source: Sports Hochi 10/11/2015

[10/4/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Tetsuya Yamaguchi appeared in his sixtieth game of the year on October 4. He has pitched in at least sixty games in eight consecutive seasons, beginning in 2008. Source: Sanspo 10/4/2015, Nikkan Sports 10/4/2015
  • Infield/base coach Hironori Suguro returned to being a third base coach on October 3 after he was replaced by head coach Masahiro Kawai on August 25. Source: Sponichi 10/4/2015

Chunichi Dragons

  • The Dragons will Tatsuro Hamada to play winter ball in the Dominican Republic. He is set to leave within the next few days. There is no timetable on his return to Japan. He will be playing for the Tigres del Licey. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/3/2015, Sanspo 10/3/2015
  • The Dragons announced today that they hired Michihiro Ogasawara to be their Ni-gun manager. He will begin with the start of the Phoenix League on October 5 (although officially, he does not start until next season). Source: official announcement

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Jose Lopez, Aarom Baldiris, and Guillermo Moscoso departed Japan out of Narita Airport for their homes on October 3. Source: Sanspo 10/4/2015

Yakult Swallows

  • Tony Barnette tied Marc Kroon's 2008 NPB record for most saves by a foreign pitcher with his forty-first of the season on October 3. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/3/2015
  • Ryo Akiyoshi set a new franchise record by pitching in his seventy-four game of the season on October 4. The previous record of seventy-three was set by Kenichi Matsuoka set in 2010. Source: Sanspo 10/4/2015
  • Kazuhiro Hatakeyama set a new franchise high for RBI's by a Japanese player with his 105th of the year on October 2. The previous record of 104 was set by Katsuo Osugi in 1977. Source: Daily Sports 10/3/2015
  • Tetsuto Yamada's weight dropped to around seventy kilograms during the summer. He also developed an irritated rash that ran from his neck down to his upper body. He apparently pushed his weight back up by eating and drinking. Source: Sponichi 10/3/2015
  • The Swallows will prepare for the Final Stage of the Climax Series by sending players to the Phoenix League. Players will head down to Miyazaki on October 8 and play in a few games beginning on October 9. The Final Stage of the Climax Series is set to begin on October 14. Source: Sponichi 10/3/2015

[10/4/2015] Yokohama Bay Stars 2015 Phoenix League Roster

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Yokohama Bay Stars Phoenix League Roster

Pos Name JPN Name ENG
P 小林  寛 Kobayashi, Hiroshi
P 柿田 裕太 Kakita, Yuta
P 石田 健大 Ishida, Kenta
P 三嶋 一輝 Mishima, Kazuki
P 福地 元春 Fukuchi, Motoharu
P 飯塚 悟史 Iizuka, Satoshi
P 平田 真吾 Hirata, Shingo
P 田中健二朗 Tanaka, Kenjiro
P 山下  峻 Yamashita, Shun
P 萬谷 康平 Mantani, Kohei
P 国吉 佑樹 Kuniyoshi, Yuki
P 砂田 毅樹 Sunada, Yoshiki
C 髙城 俊人 Takajo, Shuto
C 嶺井 博希 Minei, Hiroki
C 亀井 塔生 Kamei, Toi
INF 倉本 寿彦 Kuramoto, Toshihiko
INF 山下 幸輝 Yamashita, Koki
INF 飛雄馬 Matsui, Hyuma
INF 渡邊 雄貴 Watanabe, Yuki
INF 百瀬 大騎 Momose, Hiroki
OF 乙坂  智 Otosaka, Tomo
OF 桑原 将志 Kuwahara, Masayuki
OF 関根 大気 Sekine, Taiki


Source: official announcement

[10/3/2015] Yokohama Bay Stars: Kiyoshi Nakahata officially steps down as manager

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Kiyoshi Nakahata held a press conference at Yokohama Stadium after the team's last game of the season on October 3 and officially announced that was stepping down as manager.

A few notes from a couple sources:

  • He felt the need to take responsibility for the team's performance.
  • He has no regrets.
  • If it was a matter of being on the verge of winning, then he might have kept going. But he felt the sudden and drastic drop after the All-Star break was too big to ignore.
  • He informed the team that he was going to step down during a meeting on October 2.
  • If given another chance to manage, he would take it.
  • Memorable game: a come-from-behind victory against the Yomiuri Giants on May 10, 2013.

Source: official announcement, Daily Sports 10/3/2015

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[10/2/2015] Yokohama Bay Stars: Kiyoshi Nakahata planning to step down after the season

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Kiyoshi Nakahata is planning to step down as Yokohama manager after the season.

  • The Bay Stars asked him to return in 2016, but they also suggested changes to the coaching staff and he felt he could not be the only one to stay.
  • He also felt strongly about taking responsibility for the team's performance.
  • Being in last place was the deciding blow.
  • He met officials at the team offices in Yokohama earlier today. Their meeting lasted about twenty minutes.
  • Owner Tomoko Namba told reporters she felt his decision was firm. General manager Shigeru Takada told reporters it would be difficult to persuade him to stay.
  • He felt lucky and appreciated the owner's continued support.
  • The Bay Stars are planning to begin their search for a replacement after the last game of the season on October 3.
  • Candidates could include: Alex Ramirez, Atsuya Furuta, Daisuke Miura.

Source: Sponichi 10/2/2015, Sponichi 10/2/2015, Sponichi 10/2/2015Daily Sports 10/2/2015, Daily Sports 10/2/2015, ZakZak 10/2/2015, Sports Hochi 10/2/2015, Nikkan Sports 10/2/2015, Nikkan Sports 10/2/2015

Yomiuri Giants 4 – Yokohama Bay Stars 1 (October 2, 2015)

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Yomiuri Giants vs Yokohama Bay Stars @ Yokohama Stadium - 18:00
Starters: Mikolas, Miles (YOM) 12-3, 1.95 - Takahashi, Hisanori (YOK) 0-1, 8.64

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Yomiuri 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2 4 10 1
Yokohama 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4 1

Attendance: 27100 | Time: 3h19m | Yomiuri leads series, 14-10-0

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[9/30/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Shuichi Murata and Tetsuya Utsumi joined Ichi-gun practices at Giants Stadium on September 30. The Giants are planning to add Murata to the active roster on October 1 and Utsumi on October 2. Utsumi will be used as a reliever. Source: Sponichi 9/30/2015

Hanshin Tigers

Hiroshima Carp

  • Possible starters for the remaining four games left on the schedule: Yuya Fukui against Chunichi at Mazda Stadium on October 1, Kenta Maeda against Chunichi at Mazda Stadium on October 2, Kris Johnson against Yakult at Mazda Stadium on October 3, and Hiroki Kuroda against Hanshin at Koshien Stadium on October 4. Source: Daily Sports 9/30/2015

Chunichi Dragons

  • The Dragons are planning to send Tatsuro Hamada to play winter ball with the Leones del Escogido in the Dominican Republic for about a month and a half. Source: Nikkan Sports 9/30/2015

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • The Bay Stars lost their game against Hanshin on a passed ball by Hiroki Minei on September 29. It was the fourteenth time in NPB history a game was decided on a passed ball, first since Hanshin won a game against Chunichi on a passed ball by Iori Katsura on July 9. This was the first time two games in the same league and in the same season were decided on a passed balls. Yokohama has now lost two games on passed balls in franchise history. The other took place on June 14, 1956 against Hiroshima with Kiyoshi Doi behind the plate. Source: Sponichi 9/30/2015

Yakult Swallows

  • Ryo Akiyoshi is one appearance away from tying the franchise high of seventy-three, set by Kenichi Matsuoka in 2010. Source: Sanspo 9/30/2015
  • The Swallows are planning to hold their victory celebration on the field if they clinch first at home. They had a chance to clinch at home on September 29. They will have one more chance on October 1. Staff prepared 2,000 bottles of beer (100 cases) for the celebrations. Source: Sponichi 9/30/2015, Sanspo 9/30/2015