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[12/9/2014] Rumors: Yoshihisa Hirano, Yuhei

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Hanshin's Shintaro Fujinami (20) appeared on a variety TV show on Monday and admitted that he would want a chance to play in the Majors if he ever reached that level of play. Source: Sanspo 12/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/9/2014, Daily Sports 12/9/2014

Orix's Yoshihisa Hirano (30) agreed to a three-year deal worth 900 million yen. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/9/2014

Takeya Nakamura (31) met Seibu Lion officials for salary negotiations on Monday and agreed to a thirty million yen raise (from 350 to 380 million yen). Nakamura is now the highest paid Japanese player in franchise history. He started the day tied with Kazuo Matsui at 350 million yen. Source: Sponichi 12/9/2014, Daily Sports 12/9/2014

Yuhei (30) was not satisifed with the salary offer he received from the Yakult Swallows on Tuesday and decided to hold off on signing an agreement for the 2015 season. His meeting with team officials lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes. Source: Sponichi 12/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/9/2014

[4/19/2013] Injury Updates: Yuhei, Kawabata (Yakult); Aranami (Yokohama); Nomoto (Chunichi)

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Yuhei Takai was diagnosed with a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament.  There is a chance he will require surgery and may not be able to return this season.

Shingo Kawabata will have surgery to remove a bone fragment in his left ankle on the 22nd.  It may be about two months before he can play again.

Source: Daily Sports 4/19/2013


Sho Aranami (Yokohama) was examined at a hospital in Yokohama and diagnosed depressed fracture in his right cheekbone.  He was removed from the active roster today and will go under the knife on the 22nd.

Source: Sponichi 4/19/2013


The Chunichi Dragons announced today that Kei Nomoto was diagnosed with a fissured fracture in his right third rib after an evaluation at a hospital in Nagoya.  He will likely require about six weeks for a full recovery.  Nomoto suffered the injury during a Ni-gun game against Hanshin on the 17th.

Source: Sports Hochi 4/19/2013

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[4/18/2013] Tony Barnette, Yuhei Takai, Ryo Hirai (YAK), Ryosuke Oguma (CHU), Sho Aranami (YOK)

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The Yakult Swallows took Tony Barnette off the active roster today with a right flank injury.  Barnette complained of pain in his right side after his outing on Wednesday.  He was examined at a Tokyo hospital and diagnosed with a strain in his right internal oblique muscle.  He will require about a week of rest; there is no timetable on his full recovery.

Yuhei Takai (hurt right knee while playing defense on Wednesday) and Ryo Hirai (right shoulder pain) were also taken off the active roster today.

Source: Sponichi 4/18/2013, Nikkan Sports 4/18/2013


Ryosuke Oguma (Chunichi) was taken off the active roster today with pain in his right shoulder.

Source: Nikkan Sports 4/18/2013


Sho Aranami will be examined at a hospital in Yokohama on Friday.  He likely suffered a fracture in his right cheek bone when attempting to steal third in the 7th inning of Wednesday night's game.

Source: Daily Sports 4/18/2013

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